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Unarmed man in Kansas. This is Fox News. Arizona's getting sued over school curriculum. I'm Greg Paul Cayenne S T news to gay rights organizations are suing Arizona the Sudas over a law that bans public and charter schools from having sex education instruction that promotes a homosexual lifestyle. The lawsuit name state public schools superintendent Kathy Hoffman and each member of the state board of education as defendants in a statement Hoffman. Welcome the lawsuit saying she's always been opposed to the anti LGBTQ legislation. And it's harmful implications. A Bill to repeal. The law was killed by Republican legislative leaders earlier this year US Senator Martha mcsally presses acting secretary of interior David Bernhardt about ongoing problems at the Grand Canyon. And I see what's gone on and Grand Canyon National park over the years. Eight is atrocious. Sounds like a bunch of frat boys. That thing they could just get away with an environment of toxicity and harassment. Mc Sally says Christine. Leonard's was brought in as the park's first female superintendent in two thousand sixteen to clean things up but a few months ago, the office of inspector general investigation launched an investigation into allegations against her on March fourth the inspector general released a report finding the allegations wholly unfounded still Leonard's resigned on March fourteenth and an Arizona dairy is recalling one pint bottles of cream because of insufficient pasteurization. The Arizona department of agriculture says the problem with the Dan's is in dairy cream was discovered during routine sampling anyone who has the cream with an expiration date of April seventeen twenty nineteen is asked to return it to the store for a full refund. I'm Greg Paul Kane S T AM seven ninety two sons. Most stimulating talk.

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