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Past head Mother passed headline on the Sports Sports League. Gary Cooper is your half past headlines is we take one more? Look at him here In the five o'clock hour, the NFL is modified the scouting combine this year. Normally it's 330 players and NFL personnel descending on Indianapolis this year, all the interviews with the prospects will be conducted virtually And the on field work out to be conducted at on campus pro days so they will not be gathering in Indianapolis this year. For the combine the Chargers have hired Brandon Staley is head coach is a surprise for a lot of people who thought Buffaloes OC Brian Table was set to be the Chargers next head coach, but the job goes to Brandon Staley and Kevin O'Connell. Is going with him as the offensive coordinator. Padres continue to bolster their starting rotation earlier this offseason, adding Yu Darvish and Blake Snell today they traded for Pirates. Starting pitcher show Must grow. Lawyers and Lakers go tonight, Lakers or 11 and three Golden State six and six Lakers. Aaron nine point favorite. LeBron has got an ankle injury. He's listed as questionable. Anthony Davis. Probable with lower back and they just dropped the puck in ST Louis. Sharks and Blues, No score first period and also tonight battle in the top. 10, Kansas Rank six in the country on the road against Baylor ranks second overall, they tip it at six o'clock. To one of three games in the top 25 in college hoops those your half past headlines. Now back to Tolbert, Kruger and Brooks TK be on KNBR 1045 and 67, ft sports leader. I completely forgot about college basketball. I mean completely. Still a thing. Good luck to him. It's still saying it's like the Indians. You guys still have a team. Oh, yeah uniforms and.

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