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That's not the only slice of adopt past at Oakland Zoo, I asked Richard about what was known as the tea party chance so Involved dressing them up in children's. Clothes. And actually having a table and chairs and and the, and basically in the end, the CAPA- would. kind of supervise everything and I would you know mess around with the teacups I never actually well before my time and I never actually saw this but I've seen you on television and it was typical at the time that I came it was typical of the kind of enclosures. The animals had which was concrete boss. and. The difficulty. With. Animals that have got a long life span and they've been here for a long time is that you have a responsibility to look after the quality of their lives to the end of their lives. And you can't just just because people don't like the look. Hope what they're you conscious sight. Well, okay. We'll send them somewhere else kind of I Assad item mind now we have a responsibility so. What we did was. to them. That was like. Our grandparents living in a small apartment. Even though as it's nothing flash I, it was time to them. It was familiar to them. What we did was to make it more interesting. Engage their minds was that they capers? Spent more and more time. With with him as companions and also keeping them challenging games to play and puzzles and things like that. So we did the best we could in those facilities to look after their welfare until leaving died. But of course, because I'd been teapot teachings. Has Young animals they minds had been screwed up. Pretty, much from the beginning. they didn't really know how to be a chimp. Because they were. Brought up as kind of comical human beings, the other animals kicked and dubious circumstances as well. Different species of birds or crammed into a tiny avery bison, even a polar. which used to pace frantically in the hot, Auckland? Sun. But in nineteen eighty, eight things started to change Laura Memorial Marine biologist took over as the director of open. Shay was the person who hired Richard to lead the shift of the vote become a place of conservation at the time Auckland. was going through one of. The amalgamations of cancels right through a New Zealand and there was a whole re-think. Guy Because the zoo is owned by the council. So it was also rethink about what is out how does it serve the right past? For instance who pay you subsidize it? And and bringing Laura on. They're really interested in her ideas about. Turning it into a conservation's. One of the first things I had to do was to think about well. It's going to be a conservation zoo. which animals should we focus on because? It's one thing. To have a wide variety of. Of Animals but what's the purpose? Did I serve a purpose of conservation? We reviewed all of the animals against..

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