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Jeffrey Dahmer House, Moore, Milwaukee discussed on Questlove Supreme



My cousin he saw Moore play forever. My plants rich guy so I was gonNA play forever like all the rest of that shit that I did in. My life may not play for me that she made in pretty soon but. I know that every time it if they don't take away the Halloween good. So how did you trays? Oh you kind of want to go back to the first record. What I WANNA know is is that you know for those. That aren't steeped in in in baptized. In hip hop culture. You know a lot of the ideas of what especially in the political world that were against rap music at the time. I mean you guys were basically that you know the most shocking. The most disgusting. Whatever you whatever superlative you could use it was. It was the plan for that studio. We're we're just GONNA be me most offensive group of all time and I don't I don't I don't think he play in that. You know I think that you look at what's happening around you like and this was you know I. I remember going to Milwaukee and going to Jeffrey Dahmer House. And she did that. Shit at wait. You went there fucking right why I mean you you hear about this shit been your plea to because it was his houses right across the street from this big giant Milwaukee. Venue Flu Vaccines Are. It's like a masonic hall before winning. Dahmer's House I hear he's about what was on the inside of that apartment. I didn't go in there. Wasn't anything is stopping and getting scared. Yeah the house was empty. Everything was I. Don't know if that motherfucker wasn't jail yet. Eight everything in the house point. You're missing the whole point. You didn't Houston..

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