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Couple of things here, University Research finds a connection between defund the police push and violent crime Spike. No one is surprised Extra 710 more homicides this year than initially. I anticipated that were expected. No, that's like obvious news. 51% of the United States want Amy Cockney Barrett, seated on the Supreme Court, a majority This is And they said that 25% of Americans didn't really have an opinion in the in the initial measure for the president's election. 3% have absolutely no opinion at all whatsoever. How? Who are you? The 3%. Who are these people? Apparently Poland moves closer to the United States and other trump foreign policy success that you're not hearing about at all media because it's media thiss, the president and the administration had been working. With full ones, the Polish ambassador and other Polish leaders and they're allowing its American visa waiver program. They're allowing Polish citizens to apply to travel to the U. S for tourism or business purposes. Without obtaining a visa privilege extended only to a small number of American allies. And this is all related to the economy, Foreign policy and this is this is actually very good news, too. But you're not gonna really be hearing a lot about that. I know you guys heard about The New Yorker magazine suspending Jeffrey Toobin because he was on a zoom call, and he whipped it out. I don't know how else to put it, apparently. He was also doing something else, according to two other people who are on the call of the same time, and I'm leaving it at that. He is a disgusting human. He's disgusting. Never forget this. Dita at Italian Supreme Court confirms that the blue that the Burberry check pattern is famous the Burberry check. Apparently, this has been an ongoing trademark fight and in an Italian court and the Supreme Court of Italy Day they were they've been waging war against all a handful of Chinese entities that have been sewing garments of a plaid prints, so they actually want Burberry won. Of course, they didn't have a lot more in store including Thie. Biden Harris Tax Plan. When Do you hear this with US? Quickfire is brought to you by Celtic innovation quality performance family All know you can trust me because I never have a sponsor on this program that I don't feel confident..

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