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Place goes from fourth one st one. So the diff into the goal keeper there is you know with Henderson tour probably it'll top ten whitlam standards are probably just still looking over shoulder in terms of relegation, and then that's just to try and give a bit of a flavor in terms of odds compiling and ratings how you treated just an account for these when you look at the pricing. Put in terms of the match and it's eleven forty chefs. You know it's two. A Wolf seventy-five wolves went off even money for this game in lockdown and Sheffield. United. One. One ninety minute goal for Megan. I think seventy five is still sharp. Evens was really short some new flavors too short and I don't think there's actually any value in the much better than. I would be very keen Andy Post on getting wasn't the positive markets and Sheffield United tank. If the top ten again, it would be fantastic performance again from Chris Wilder and these. Fascinating how you process out Jason thanks so much for that and Liam have you seen this guy? With Sheffield United for this one I mean say what you? Want. About the vence fans but amendment, bet they less comfortable I'm Elaine, all season eight that's league winds. Coming there. Last term included one success against wolves. As as July. CON help fill wolves they're going to be slow starters time I mean they they used only twenty one players in the primarily boss, even the lowest number in the division, and of course, we're involved in irregularly campaign which stretched into orbit They've they've added a couple of numbers are Fabio Silva and Michael addition of the. Midfielder online today. But Students Gorgeous is necessarily quite big enough to have Kobe exertion of Australian. We forget how early they started. The qualifying campaign law season as well. So I, think could be a touch on I'll go down into the season and. From where Chris waddle will have to check who do not agree well, drilled.

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