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And the the thing that martian was was kind of up on is that he felt like when he looked at the teachings of jesus he thought that that was in contradiction with what he read about god in the old testament and so he actually believed that the god of the old testament and the god of the new testament were actually two different deities and so with. Jesus being all loving and forgiving god of the new testament. You have this deity in the old testament. Who's who's just jealous. And mean spirited and petty and so he. He essentially rejected the old testament now. Progressive christians Probably wouldn't take it quite as far to say it's actually a different deity in the old testament but they definitely separate how god is portrayed in the old testament versus the jesus that they see in the new testament and so they'll often their answer to that Different little slightly different than marshon would be to say. Well anything you read. In the old testament that describes god in any kind of a violent or punitive way must just be the the writers best attempts to explain their beliefs about god. But that's not really who god was. So they like martian decide that that old testament god is is not the real god and so they'll they'll discard parts of scripture like martian did martian had his own canon and so I see similarities. There and and there are some others was really fun Chapter to right. Because i got to research some of these things and and kind of look for these similar points but yeah there's nothing new under the sun in fact i think that's what the chapter is called nutley. That's exactly right. That is the name of the chapter. And what are the other chapters. I've really enjoyed started off with a quote by dr bart ehrman and everyone who listen to this program knows who he is where he said. We can't know what was written. Because we don't have the originals. And i think he did really well in explaining why we can trust what the new testament says. How how did you contrast progressive christianity with the new testament. What are some of those differences. Well one of the big issues in the class. That i was in was i was.

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