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Topic manitou? Yes, we are there. It is again a Wednesday here in Baltimore on Sean and Maryland's wakeup call. Talkradio six eighty WCBS coming up on the program today. Maryland Moesby says stop prosecuting marijuana possession cases. We'll take a look at the key school cover up over sex-abuse. The mayor wants the police brands to live in the city, Maryland democrat said of we'll foam. Might be more deadly than MS thirteen the wall negotiations begin today. And so does the impeach Pelosi movement will detail the judges ordered more mental evaluation for that Edgewood alleged killer, the Auschwitz states horrifying, double standard, the godless Democrats striking out under God from the Allston. Congressional committees camera dissing angel moms where is Ruth buzzy Ginsburg. Might be another hate crime hoax. This one involving a star of the TV show empire guess was nominated for the JFK profile encourage award. We've got that. For you. Coming up a little bit later on more violet a leftist incidents across the country, California. College has dumped the pledge of allegiance, and we'll tell you who the Democrats have picked to deliver these state of the union response. A socialist who laughed at the pledge of allegiance all this morning. Good in your calls and comments here this show on this Wednesday morning top story today. Well, here she goes Baltimore states. Attorney Marilyn Moesby announcing yesterday her office would cease prosecuting people for possessing marijuana, regardless of the quantity or the person's criminal history consistent with my pledge to secure Justice over convictions. I'm announcing a monumental shift and public policy as it relates to marijuana possession in the city of Baltimore, effective immediately. The Baltimore City state's attorney's office will no longer prosecute marijuana possession cases, regardless of weight and or criminal history, effective immediately. The Baltimore City state's attorney's office will prosecute possession with intent to distribute and distribution of marijuana. If those charges are based on RT evidence of intent to sell or distribute marijuana. Beyond the mere possession of it. Calling him a monumental for Justice in. Baltimore b also requested the courts vacate convictions of nearly five thousand cases of pot possession, effective immediately. The Baltimore City state's attorney's office will now mandate the referrals of all first time felony drug distribution offenders. So the aim to be more diversion program and as of ten A M this morning. My office has filed a writ of Corum Novus in both the circuit and district courts seeking to vacate the convictions of one thousand fifty cases in circuit court and three thousand seven hundred seventy eight cases in district court dating back to two thousand and eleven. So she's standing it alone. Nobody else was there. Whether the police Commissioner wasn't there. In fact, the police Commissioner former DA agent Gary tuggle said quote Baltimore police will continue to make arrests for legal marijuana possession. Unless. And until the state legislature changes the look at law regarding marijuana possession, and of quote in the mayor, she wasn't there either. But said Mobis attempting to address namely, the unnecessary criminals -ation of those who possess marijuana merely for personal use. But at the same time, we also need understand that those who deal illegal substances fuel criminality in our neighborhoods, which leads to violence, and of quote, so we have a state's attorney Frank cherry picking which laws now she's going to decide to prosecute or not. This is another example of how dysfunctional Baltimore City. Is you can't get the police department that's going on going in one direction and the state's attorney's office going in another. I mean, all this should be integrated. All this should be basically with the leaders of these various departments on the same page is worthy of discussion as to whether or not to prosecute these cases. But you can. Can't have the police is going to be an exercise in futility police could continue making the arrests for for marijuana possession. And yet when after they do all their work all the book work and everything else. Then they submit it for prosecution elite and the seats top pros. I mean, the city's top prosecutor is just going to deny it loose. Yeah. So I guess Joe. The judge will have no choice if the state's attorney decides, I'm not going to prosecute was a judge now going to be the the prosecutor in this particular case this I think is very dangerous. This leads to anarchy when you have people who are elected or appointed in law enforcement when they are choosing which laws are gonna follow first of all the possession of marijuana is against the federal laws here in Maryland in two thousand fourteen possession on what is it less than ten grams? I think is the the current law. There are less than ten grams of marijuana is is not a criminal offence. But if you're carrying, you know, a pound of it and you claim it's for personal use how do they determine whether it's for personal use or the intend to distribute and sell it. My other question is this again as long as it is the law in the state of Maryland. Don't be marijuana possessors. There's a there's a supply and demand there wouldn't be drug dealers. And there wouldn't be marijuana dealers. If there weren't people who are smoking, and possessing it, and then she gives these excuses. That. Basically, there is no public safety value in prosecuting these cases, and then goes on to say. And this is a judgmental. Call on her part that in the criminal Justice system.

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