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Thirteen, ten KFI K. A. Six, fifty seven. You just tweet tweet. tweet has a whole different meaning in this society than it did when that song was invented in recorded. All right I was talking to you about this freed Nash. Piece. Opinion piece in the Denver Post and he's talking about how? are going to really do well in this election coming up he says As the final stretch, the election Republicans should brace for another avalanche meaning. Under. Democrat rule. Docs toxic trump will have a catastrophic downward effect on Republican candidates Then he goes on to talk about how the increase in people here registered to vote in Colorado has been pretty serious but here's where I lose. I don't know how he does math listen to this and see if you can figure it out to fully understand this shifting dynamic there has been an increase of two, hundred, Sixty, eight, thousand, two, hundred, twenty, two active registered voters. Republicans. Have Lot than that. Since Two Thousand Sixteen Republicans have lost fifty, seven, thousand, nine, hundred, sixty, seven. Democrats have gained twenty, six, thousand, five, hundred, ninety, three but unaffiliated voters have increased by a whopping three, hundred, thousand, nine, hundred, and sixty, three voters. I have tried to crunch those numbers every way I can look at and I cannot understand the man's mouth. It just doesn't make sense but anyway, the bottom line of what he's talking about is that Cory Gardner is in trouble the control of both houses of our legislature here in Colorado and the governor's office. Well. Policy isn't running and nobody's going to recall. Work So anyway, that's that's kind of where we're at in. To be somewhat depressing as a lifelong Republican in which we were going to be able to do better. But on the other hand. Maybe. That's his opinion and I think he backs it up anyway I gotTA. Tell you. We're glad to have your right here with us. It's thirteen ten Kanye K.. Greeley Loveland Fort Collins Alz. and-and it's seven o'clock. Code now. Weekdays at four another in Colorado's voice. Thirteen ten KFI K..

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