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Oh. I looked over the list and it's not it's weird because remember ubisoft had the you play points and you could be like, oh, I unlocked a gold skin for a gun because I did this or I spent my points that I earned playing the snowboarding game on cool gun skins and this kind of cross platform achievement system and currency. In these older games, a lot of those options will just disappear and not necessarily be unlockable anymore. Older games had all that stuff unlocked as part of a transition. Back in 2020, when they changed the name of it to ubisoft connect but some games will be impacted by this. These games are like, I didn't even know they had unlockable content and based off of this. Again, some of it is not even like an I can't unlock the Smurfs two stuff. Yeah, it doesn't get specific about what's what, but like splinter cell blacklist on the Wii U won't have anything or. Beyond good and evil. I did not know they had any specific unlockables. She has three and 360. So that's the remade. The reissue. So they must have had you play stuff in there. Because some of that sometimes that you play stuff isn't even in game stuff. It's like, we'll email you three tracks off the soundtrack, or you're gonna get some wallpaper for your fan site or shit like that. Okay. So haze on the PlayStation 3, you know, you fucked. We're fucked. One is seeing on live listed as a platform here. And I didn't know that on live was still a thing. Driver San Francisco on on live, well apparently it's not and also silent hunter 5 on live and splinter cell conviction on online. Did they just mean to write stadia and they fucked up or pretty much the same, right? Yeah, online could just be the catch all for all the problems. I'm also I'm sorry. I know there was a Shaun White snowboarding game. Was there also a shot of light skateboarding game? Yes. What? I'm sure. They were like, what if we made a skateboarding game because those are still people are still making those and we should make one of those and Sean white can ride a skateboard. We're told. So, oh. That's very good. Yeah. So yeah, they did both. The skateboarding game, I remember being not awful, but not in this, not like a good, solid Tony Hawk game or anything. I remember the press he did for the snowboarding game. I do not remember there even being a skateboarding game at all. I guess the skateboarding game came after because they were like, well, we got all the license because and we did the one game that he would be known for. What else? They would really drag.

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