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Markeith morris has a good excuse for not coming to his brother's next game. I just wanna point out. I think i became aware. The moore's twins in two thousand eight when they went to kansas means with thirteen years. I've been trying to figure out which one of them is. The good one still have no idea. Anyway marcus is the one who plays for the clippers and he was asked whether or not his brother markeith would be going to the game in utah. Gay fath- any. Does you know he won't become utah. Anybody wanna talk sticking out here now. We're seeing when have pretty much that was in those dudes love each other like anytime. I see something with them right. There's a little weird when they had all the same exact tattoos but the affection they have is significant. There is no place. I do not think one of them would go for the other. Suffer utah. We have seen the reception. That family has gotten at certain times in already. This postseason so i'm so glad you spoke first because of to stick up for utah. Salt lake in like a beautiful city. Ski resort than dwayne wade is. Beautiful daughter was wearing a little. Take not sure and adorable post but some ranch family. I think is probably the experience. More people are gonna point ian. Let me tell you something though Like i saw john moran's daddy and all that he did not appear to be six eight I think the people of utah like they might talk crazy to the six eight dudes were they on the floor. I would not do that to do that. Said right next to me whose name is marquee bars. You question if this is a good effort from goalkeeper all right we are going out to euro twenty twenty. It is scotland versus the czech republic. Always liked these little continental tournaments is where you see the soccer teams. That ain't good enough to play in the world cup. You realize that everybody's really that good at this so we look look scotland's.

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