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McConnell, NewsRadio wofl way. Ah, passing downpour can't be ruled out there about nine o'clock, but overall, we should dry out overnight temperatures on ly falling to around 77. It will be a McGee start to our Saturday overall rain chances Saturday afternoon. Just a 20%. We'll see a few downpours developing during the afternoon, but those temperatures will be warm and humid. Near 90 degrees. Sunday. Rain chances go up to a 40% Temperatures stay McGee near 90. On the water. Tomorrow. Northwest winds at 5 to 10 knots. Seas to feed or less. Max Defender eight meteorologist Amanda Holly News Radio Calais now streaming on your Amazon echo and over 2000 devices by the I Heart radio ad. Today. Wait. To talk to Ian Pun it call the wild card line at 8185014109 1st Time. Caller line is 81850147 to 1 to talk tollfree from east of the Rockies. Call 808 to 55033 from west of the Rockies told three Call. 806 188255. This is coast to.

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