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Deputy Joseph Solano the off duty Atsu shot at Jack in the box. Neal hamburger has in fact, died shot in the head been life supporting we knew that was going to happen. Big senses to pew dispute going talk. More about that at seven o'clock attorney general in the commerce secretary being held in contempt over the census question. So there's a lot going on today. All right. Let's move on. Oh, god. I love this story. More handle on the news. Jennifer Wayne in me. Okay. So intrigued as to why you love this story, because I wanted to ask you about this story. So to reduce racial bias, the, the deputy era. What is the district attorney in San Francisco wants to turn to? AI. Yes. Okay. All right. So the deal is what they would do is take a police report, put it into this automation. I guess it would take out the race the name all of that. So did that case could be looked at simply on the facts? What you guys think about that. Go. Yeah. I don't think it's gone far enough. I think that, that information should go even into the initial suspect, being arrested, when you hear the police say, there's an unidentified suspect at an unidentified, part of town, unidentified, race, and dealing with an NFL person. We don't know it's a man and woman because we can't tell you because all of it is bias. Now, the argument is that there is bias, of course. But I don't know where to go with that. We'll see downside to this. They're really they're stripping that kind of information out of the police reports, the, when the DA reviews when the when the only thing I wonder is, is this being done because it's an admission that there has been racial bias in charging, or is this being done as a shield aghast future because if they do this in every case from now on, you will never be able to point a finger at the DA's office up there and say, there's racial bias in your charging, because they will say we never know and gas gone George Gascon DA up there. He wants to offer this technology to any prosecutor's office in the country who wants it for free. Yeah. And by the way, George gas, also I thought he was wonderful and beauty, and the beasts incidentally. Thanks on that last week. It was just really tremendous. You're actually actually you're right. I just wanted to make a lot of fun out of this. But it, it makes all the sense in the world and the accusation of bias, racism, it cetera disappears at that point. We have our first sentencing in the college admission scandal. John. John college admissions scandal music computers. Freezing up. It's John van damore. Former sailing coach at Stanford who was sentenced to one day in prison, followed by some supervised release. And this is the guy we talked about it yesterday. Yeah. And I said this wouldn't surprise me if he gets away with rope, and look, you say, one day, here's what they do. Here's a little tip. When you're arrested you get booked. That's considered a day of custody. So later, if a judge wants to give you a break, they can sentence you to one day, and then they say, but you already did it. You don't have to go back. And that's what they did with this guy, not a lot of money. No, the money was big compared to compared to a million a half. It was. But it's not fifteen thousand dollars. No, it was over six hundred thousand dollars. I think, but it went, but it went directly to the sales team. He didn't get a penny. Right. And I wants to one of the first hand interestingly there were three kids that were part of this, two of them ended up going to different schools, and the third one it was too late in the process for the kid to even get in so and to me, I don't know this really makes it less serious, but nobody actually got into Stanford because of anything. This guy did. Right. Nights business partner has pleaded no contest to selling that video. Okay. I think we should just assume that his completely taken a you know what? Okay. So here's the deal. So remember there was that video of the apparent run over at the hamburger. Stand of the two people will the guy who had the video of it sold it and the guy and his girlfriend. Now, we're both charged for selling this surveillance video of shook night, hitting these two guys with his pickup truck and so- TMZ bought them for about fifty five grand seventy five grand wasn't it? No fifty five. You're right fifty five thousand dollars. And so now Blankenship, the guy who had the video. He's gotten five years in prison. Any s to give fifty five thousand dollars in rested probation probations to the hamburger stand? The money has to go to the hamburgers San, and then I think the girlfriend's been sentenced to this same amount of probation, and she has to do community service. All right. We can do. The creator co-creator tell them show. Empire says he is now beyond in barest by his initial support for Jesse small at that's that gotta be so awkward. Any needs to, to be embarrassed, because the first girl, you're, you're always going to believe someone out unless until you have a reason not to then there became reasons not to. So I don't know that he needs to be that embarrass. I wanted to take the story to get squirrelly where the police said what it looks like not long at all. And he claimed the news and the being beat up. And the police came back and said, now he is not going to be Jesse small at has will not appear, of course, on empire the last season of empire. And then my question is, is his career over? You would think so, I would I would wants to touch him. That's what I'm thinking, get some work. I think his career has been knocked down a couple of runs possibly. I don't think it's they'll be people who will wanna work with. Remember there's still a lot of people who think he, he really was attacked. So if any of those people are making movies or television shows, they might be very interested in Irish surprised matter. In fact, the first time he actually gets hired. We should do a story on it certainly will break. Oh, I'm sure, and then find out where and under what circumstances he was hired and you could end up being infomercial, you know, doing something with an air dryer, I have no idea. It's all right. Air fryer. I have one of those, those work. Yeah, they're terrific. I really in them, but I know they're, they're great, right? Yeah. They're they're very good. Okay. That's good to know. Are you don't have to even heat up? Let's say you'll even like fried food, the bring the oil up temperature. He just throw this puppy in, and boom it heats up instantly, and it'll crisp anything up just just just saying. All right. All right. Let's take a break in the last segment of handle, on the news before we go to the top of the hour. And we talk about the senses question. Let's do it. Jennifer Jones Lee Riverside, County animal control officers been hurting a hit and run in hemmitt officials say the driver at fault yesterday got out of his Chevy, suburban and left the scene on a skateboard he'd slammed SUV into the passenger side of the animal control, officers patrol car after ledge Lee speeding.

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