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If you look at the study carefully, it compared essentially patients who got a higher dose of this convalescent plasma patients who got a lower dose and compared those two. You didn't have a a group of people who did not receive convalescent plasma at all a placebo. So that's what they're saying. We just don't have enough data to is this working? Is it something else patients were given or even the safety questions that you're raising? Tata's important. What are you Dr? Schaffner are you concerned that there was political influence with us? Well the political influence seems to have been widely reported and it certainly looks that way. You know the Food Drug Administration was established to provide safe medications and effective medications but particularly safe ones for the American people and since the beginning of covid in reputation has been tarnished because they've been a number of decisions this regarding convalescent plasmas only the most recent we had the whole Hydroxy Clark, quincy ESCO, and before some release of Syrah logic tests that had not been vetted very carefully leak. This is another agency that needs to restore its reputation because a very large decision is looming regarding that scenes and many of us are very concerned that that also might be influenced by politics. Right, I mean, that's the question. That you raise a great point. Does this a road trust? As we look ahead to a vaccine and the FDA is the one in charge of giving approval for vaccine and we just heard from on now he's saying he would resign if facing the pressure, but he had previously said that he would be willing Sanjay to approve a vaccine. Before it finished face the retrials. All this along very closely in Dr Schaffner is absolutely correct I mean you know what? We're hearing the same thing from our sources. There is this concern. There's concern about the trust now in this agency from many public health officials outside of the federal government and that's obviously a concern I will I will point out and Pamela you know this but you know.

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