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The next election, which is due by the very latest January 2025. So a desperate plea for party unity. He said there isn't going to be an early election that two significant. The process went out of the wire today with a penny more down literally pulling out at the last minute, literally. Tomorrow its prime minister sunak. U.S. unsealed charges claiming two Chinese intelligence officers trying to obstruct the criminal investigation of Huawei technologies and FBI director Christopher wray today says is basically just the tip of the iceberg. In all three of these cases, and frankly, in thousands of others, we've found the Chinese government threatening established democratic norms and the rule of law, as they work, to undermine U.S. economic security and fundamental human rights, including those of Americans. How ray says in all 13 suspects who work for China's intelligence service and are now charged in various cases. The White House today said the court decision regarding student loans is a temporary pause until there's a final decision and White House spokeswoman karine Jean Pierre says The White House is continuing the process of forgiveness applications. It merely prevents debt from being discharged until the court makes a decision. The Department of Education will continue reviewing apply applications and preparing them for transmission to loan services. To date, The White House has received over 22 million forgiveness applications. A lot of people in debt, Ukraine's allies increasingly concerned the desperation of the Kremlin causing the latest threats of use of a dirty bomb. Ukrainian colonel general Alexander schwarze says everybody should take the threats very seriously. I must agree with you that we are and should be worried

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