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Instant chicken 345 times a day for continual updates, and that's really what's happening here on use radio 8 40 W H. A S Dr Marty Polio of Jefferson County. Public schools is joining us this morning. We're talking about what's going on J. C. P s obviously, and I know you're spending some time talking to parents about changes in the student assignment plan. I wonder if you would talk about that for just a moment. Yeah. Be happy to Joe. So we've been studying this for a while now, and that became become kind of a historian of the students time that plant over the past six months, and this has been Central focus or central central issue in this community for at least 50 years. And so it's very challenging. We have to make sure that that we listened, but you know, I've been in this district for 25 years, and one of the things I think needed to change is that we give all students choice and so right now every student in Jefferson County Has choice, middle of high school to go to the school closest to their home, middle or high school, with the exception of those students, specifically in West Louisville, and so that has led to a lot of Unintended consequences, which I conclude, not building new schools in west Louisville. So we're looking to give that option two families in West Louisville, But we're gonna obviously have to invest in west Louisville and support those schools the way they need to be supported, which is one of the reasons I asked for additional revenue from the community. To make that investment and then to also build new magnet schools. I believe that the more students raise their hand and families raised their hands and want to go to a school for a particular program. Research is clear, the more likely they'll be successful. So these are all a part of our new proposal with the big change on Do you know there are potential unintended consequences, which I've seen from the major changes in student assignment over the past 50 years, so we're digging deep into it and want to make some substantial improvements to student assignment. So on the tax issue, which is sort of in limbo. Right now, there is a 4% tax increase. And you guys will have the benefit of that money. But in terms of the tax increase that you had had looked for which you we've been battling about in court now, that is still sort of up in the air. We don't know where that is going to come down at this point, Correct. Yeah, I mean the opposition car opposition to this has filed an appeal. However, I would say we were very pleased, obviously, with the opinion of Judge Brian Edwards, and we think we, you know it's worth a very strong position at this time based on that opinion, and so I would be surprised if it goes another direction. We'll let it play out in court. I mean, that's their right. Um and we will move forward, But I feel very confident that in the end we will be successful with this and be able to help improve outcomes for students and J. C. P s. As a result. Well, I know there's there's so many things that 11 last thing here before you let you go there A lot of people who are concerned about some of the extracurricular stuff, and I know you've done what you what you can in terms of athletics and and lots of other Lots of other stuff that you know, after school stuff that's such a big and important part of kid's life. But what if he would just talk for a moment about how you're trying to sort of meet the meet the challenges with co Vered and sort of, you know, bridge that gap a little bit so we can still keep kids involved in so many other things. Yeah, that's been such a different and there have been so many difficult decisions for everybody along the way that has been one of them. You know, as a former athletic director of former coach that know the power of extracurricular activities and athletics and how much it means to kids. I know I would have You know, if I had that taken away from me in high school, I would have been crushed his well. So you know, we want to keep kids involved with actually added virtual clubs and extracurricular activities over 80 of them in the district, and they go across schools to get kids involved. But when it came to sports, I mean, we wanted to do everything we could tow safely. Allow it to happen. You know, these are optional things for both coaches. And for players on, so when we were in the orange, we were able to do that the orange, But since we've been in the red, the only thing we have allowed our postseason play that are sanctioned by the cage. Stay on. We will have to stay in that red category until the numbers declined. So that's the difficult part of this. You know, Clearly we are following the recommendations of our state Health Department. We will continue to do that. But it definitely makes it difficult for kids when they're not able to do the things they love because of Copan 19, you know, I know what an incredible challenge this is, and it feels like this is going to go on forever. But eventually we're going to come through this and I know that's hard for AH high school or junior.

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