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Fact that criminal charges are not brought certainly does not mean that some person or persons associated with prince did not assist renewable prints in obtaining the counterfeit vicadin after all prince somehow did come into possession of the pills and the pills had to come from some source there is no doubt that the actions of individuals around prince will be criticized questioned in judged and the days and weeks to come but suspicions and innuendo are categorically insufficient to support any criminal charges assigning blame by implication is not my role as a carbon county attorney and as a prosecutor my role is to make exacting legal determinations based on established reliable facts not to pass moral judgments to ethically charge anybody with any crime requires probable clause plus a reasonable likelihood of conviction noting that the threshold of proof in criminal cases beyond a reasonable doubt to the unanimous jury the bottom line is that we simply do not have sufficient evidence to charge anyone with crime related to princess death so you know and the the deal was is that the doctor that was in question this doctor sullen they agreed to a civil settlement dr schulenburg go pay thirty thousand dollar fine he knew the pain killers that he was prescribing for prince's drummer kirk johnson would be used by print yes he did and it was percocet yeah so you're not allowed to do that so he paid a thirty thousand dollar a civil settlement and will be monitored under a two year thing and the way the cover coney attorney said you know the both the drummer he's longtime friend of prince and the doctor knew the prince was very private about it he did not know want people to know he was in chronic terrible pain you know there's lots of if swish should and all of this but he was in chronic pain and he was taking probably more pills than could be prescribed so somebody oh i'll get you some on the on the street and fenton all is so oh easily manufactured it's like thinking breaking bad making the math yeah it's it's so cheap to make it's cheaper to do that than to go and find real vicadin this viking in.

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