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General warmth tool just object without properly during a review so i'm a big found one has called them i think that what it manages to do is to take a very very tricky source and make it theatrical and cinematic in a way that utterly work so as we said before this the story is that essentially bill noise character who is this detective inspector john killed there is pro in is the full guy there is a series of grisly murders happening in the 1890s aim in in london and they can't solve them so they think what they'll do they'll get him in because he will take the full when the murders are unsolvable because he's somebody whose position has not been advance because of as daniel mice were saying rumors about his sexuality the phrase not not the marion kind he then very quickly figures out that there is a link between these murders and directive highway case but i wish to quincy wrote he as again is you mice were saying narrows it down to four possible suspects in the reading room of the british library which is comax george casing dan lino and john crawley john cribbing the playwright whose wife is now on trial for allegedly poisoning her husband and what the film manages to do is to take these various threads keep them all up in the air intertwined them by cyncially having the killers version of events raid imagined raid by various of the different characters suggesting that any single one of them may be the killer all may be implicit in the crimes or may be connected in these concerts incomplete disconnected.

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