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Up by star Oh, Dr South bound Express with just a little busy through savin Hill. Beyond that, you're looking pretty good down to the brain tree Split. Do keep in mind. They're gonna open up that H O V lane at two o'clock this afternoon. This report sponsored by New Station on WG and America. Facts, Not Opinions News, Not Talk. Finally, a national newscast in prime time that makes you think, but not how to think. Watch news Nation Every night at 87, Central on WG and America. Check your local listings. It's your news your Nation. Kevin Brennan. W B Z is traffic on the threes and the rain is on the Cape. Right now we're looking at Harwich, that area. It's a pretty heavy band of rain, although found that areas well, getting some raindrops and we have rain in the forecast for today tonight, tomorrow morning, clearing for Friday afternoon for a beautiful Labor Day weekend, all three days in the seventies. That humidity that we're feeling right now is going to go down and the sun will come out right now in Boston. No son inside in 74 degrees, this's W. B. C news radio 10 30 where the news watch never stops. Good Thursday morning on Lori Kirby. Here are the five things you need to know. At 11 45. They are out first time unemployment claims in the U. S, dipping below one million for only the second time in the last four months, but still historically high. Counting is still going on for the Democratic congressional primary in the fourth District, Jake often Klaus with a 1700 point lead over Jessie Bell 1700.

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