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I'm john batchelor this is the john batchelor show of the six hundred one key positions across government president trump has today offered no nominee for two hundred ninety seven this according to a tractor compiled by the nonprofit partnership for public service and the washington post i'm following a story filed by charles clarke had government executive here to help me understand this is france's rose the host of government matters at wjr a in the nation's capital my longtime colleague and a man who is a government whisper francis understands when i read these numbers how there how they turned into policy and in this instance surprised policy france is a very good evening to you six hundred one key positions before we go to the numbers what is a key position what does it look like good evening to you good evening john thank you for having me on program a key position is a position at or near the top of the federal government agency as categorized by the partnership for public service and i'll tell you about them in just a moment um peacekeeping missions are obviously secretaries and assistantsecretaries there are deputy secretaries are two three levels of as you would see in a private sector company vice president executive vice president chief operating officer uh deputy chief operating officer and so on you see those same things at the tops of federal agencies just with uh different titles four government and that's what the partnership was referring to they are a nonpartisan nonprofit organization whose mission is just too help the federal government deliver good government and they became very enamored of transition and to accession planning uh during the webb she's back to the clinton to george w bush dated maybe before that that's when i became aware of them and they have been following this ever since and and transition is one of the things that they just pay the utmost detailed attention to and obviously with some of the numbers that are out there regarding the the obama the trump transition it's something that they've been commenting fairly i i would say uh about with the the lack of a people and the lack of the numbers of people in the trump administration so far one of the.

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