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November thought tiller four games in a row la san jose new jersey and pittsburgh now matheson with a backhand on that rask paddle down makes the save the team tightened up as well it was the fourth game rooms against pittsburgh and there were a couple of those rebounds box box type of thing started to show a couple of cracks and they went back to rask right after that and that was when he went on that phenomenal run rask comes into the action tied for sixth in the league in wins thirty three eleven and five no other boston goaltender has ever logged five thirty win seasons he has bruins win the draw here's circle zone and miller now waltz way ahead hands it up to holden miller's replying withhold in here for a while grizzly on that last year plan with mcquaid so that that's a change that they have made here as this game has gone on but kicked out the center ice hainan who's been active today couldn't retrieve the puck and just behind him hold willett rimet around the breast waits for it he's got three points today he's had a couple other three point games and has never had an nhl hatrick along the near side of over the bruins line here senior chipped up the near side by the bruins and hainan packed it to the near side of the ford line the brusque zone for holding to his partner biller near circle got crazy skips ahead slips into the near circle shallow drops a shoulder backhand along to save left rebound breaking up top griggs lick pires rebound trickles into the crease swat it over to the far side by the panthers arrived at auto had a chance at that but couldn't quite get before got swatted away in the blue paint i don't know if the initial shot got all the way through or not mattress like it was a good one he had a lot of time and space out at the left point to get the shot group that did it broke off along to his left channel five left in the third race up down to our right bruins five in the panthers won crate you lean against derrick mckenzie mackenzie wins it here's yandell he'll wrist it up the middle at center ice she had to bruins on poulton sceviour to get the puck away from prisoner skips ahead centrecircle hits creates you on the.

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