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We missed you because we don't talk about the Mariners nearly as much as we did when when you were in town, and now I've I've I've lost touch. I barely know who's on the team. I did look up the standings, though, And they're right there in the middle of the pack. And this is the season, Danny, where all the dreams will finally be fulfilled. No, no, this is no no, no, no, no. This is the thistles the season where we begin to see the dreams. We don't want to see the dress. Correct. We begin to see the drinks. Jared kill. Nick is in the big leagues. Are you familiar with him? Dave? I've I've learned to pronounce his name. I used to say Kelly Nick until I was corrected. It's hell. Nick. Nick. Jared with two R's Cal Nick with two syllables. Okay, He's a 21 year old dynamo. This is a headstrong dives into walls, plays the game, full tilt and clobbers the baseball he is young. He is confident after he hit a home run last year he referred to it is Threw me a fastball and it was smell you later. That's amusing, right? Yes. Yeah. What generation is he from? I'm not. I'm not sure there's a little bit of throwback mixed in there. He's got a little bit of Eddie Haskell glint. He's got an edge to him. He's playing in left field these days. He's a vision of the future. Logan Gilbert. It was a six ft six string bean with long hair trailing out the back of his hat. He's now made three starts at the Big League level. He's showing some promise. So this is the season where we begin to see the players that they hope will be the nucleus of the winner. Danny, you speak for 30 seconds about the Mariners, and I'm already fired up and I was so lackluster about it this year. I am ready for the Mariners. Now I'm back to fandom. Are you familiar with early investors? People that get in on the ground floor. Yes, Yeah, This is an opportunity to do that. With America. You get in on the bidding on the ground floor since 95 mean, you know, you really need to threaten me with my lack of, you know, it's been a long It's been a long year. I'm just you know, catching up there is there is an opportunity when you when you when you have young players where you can be kind of the first one to discover There's a little there's a little bit of payoff that comes at the end. Like if that team gets good, and you were one of the early adopters, you get to pump your chest out a little bit more like I saw I saw Jared Kelemen when he was young, 21 years old and saying, Smell you later at home runs. Can I ask you about just Ah, overall baseball question because the sport was the league is trying to get back. I thought Uh, what do they call it? A small ball. We're going to grind out base hits and doubles and triples instead of a bunch of, you know no hitters in the occasional Grand slam, speeding up the game. Is that working? No, No, it's not. And honestly, they can say that, but they haven't made any of the changes that would really have to do in European. In my opinion, they have to make it harder to hit home runs. And the problem right now in baseball is that you have what they refer to as the three true outcomes, walk, strikeout and home run. Those three. Those three plays air happening with increasing frequency. There are fewer balls in play. There were fewer groundballs. There are fewer fly balls in the outfield there if you were lying drives There are more home runs and there are more walks and strikeouts than ever before, and that has resulted in. I think more boring play. So is that the pictures fault? No. It's baseball's fault because of how quickly the balls fly out of the park and how close the fences are. Oh, good infrastructure. Yes, And they will say that, Hey, we did. This was accidental with in terms of ball construction, but it's been proven that over the past three years balls have been easier to get out now. They came out this year and said We're gonna put the balls in human horse. We're gonna put the balls in human whores and that will keep them from being too. Yeah, Yeah, they're going to keep him from being coming to dried out. Because last year the seams were too far down and pictures and say it. It feels different. You can't get a spin on the ball. Yeah, that really makes a difference. Yes, it absolutely does. The construction of the baseball Dave, there was a year where there was called What was the happy Haitian theory? The balls are made in Haiti, and there was a year that they believed this was seriously I believe George will. I believe George will and you can have any opinions about his politics that you want, But the guy's a baseball walk, and he believed that it was because and attributed to the theory that perhaps the workers who are assembling the baseballs were happier because of a change in government. So they wound the balls. Tighter. Tighter. Correct. Was the happy Haitian. Okay? Yeah, This is this has been a long but When somebody says there's too many home runs. There's too many strikeouts. I think about basketball, and now everybody is like, okay, women's basketball. I want to watch because there's no slam dunking. There's no this in that, like, you know, you want crushing the ball. People want the excitement of a clean strike out. What's the deal? Well, That is what gets on highlights and I think you're talking about I think some of the place that I've enjoyed most. I've been incredible defensive place and those air being phased out of the game because you are getting more highlight caliber home runs and strikeouts. And that's what people believe. That's what that's what I think the designers of baseball, the architects that people that run the game they look at and say, This isn't a problem in this sport was never popular than when the players were all juiced up on steroids and found out We can't let them get juiced to the gills because then everybody freaks out and calls him in front of Congress. And it's just a black eye for everybody. What we missed with baseball's who messed with the baseballs. We get the same result. Their players don't get hauled up in front of Congress. I have the sort sort of so well, There's I do believe in the conspiracy theory on this one..

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