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Back? The third love is a Bra and underwear company. That believes that everybody deserves a perfect fit. That's why they've donated over twenty million dollars worth of bras to women in need and more than eighty sizes including half cups. Third love is on a mission to help every woman feel comfortable and confidence inside and out go to third love dot com slash daily. Find your perfect fitting Bra and get fifteen percent off your first purchase. That's third love dot com slash daily for fifteen percent percent off yours. What else you need on Thursday? A state judge in New York ordered president trump to pay two million dollars in damages for misusing money from his charitable foundation to among other things. Hey down debts assist his presidential campaign and purchase a portrait of himself. The ruling ends along wanting lawsuit over trump's handling of his charity and included a rare aware admission of misconduct from a sitting president in a court. Filing trump acknowledged that he had failed to follow the laws over how to operate operate. A charity aunt drew labs. The e cigarette maker said it would stop selling mint flavored vaping products in the US which which accounts for about seventy percent of its domestic sales in a statement. Jewel said it had made the decision in light of new data showing the popularity hopped Larry of men with underage vapors whose use of Joe Products has made the company a target of federal regulators. The daily is made I feel welcome. Andy Mills Lisa Tobin wages Lindsey Garrison any brown claire. Tennis scatter the page count. Michael Simon Johnson Brad Fischer Larussa Andrusha. Wendy Door Chris Would Jessica Chow. Alexandra young a young Jonathan Wolf. Lisa Champ Eric Kripke more George Luke. Vander Blue Adi's Egan Kelly Prime Julia Julia Longoria Sindhu. Yana someone Jasmine Aguilera M J Davis Lynn. Austin Mitchell Sayer Cavuto. Monica F- STOTKA. Not Eva and Dan Powell. Our theme music is by Jim. Bromberg and Ben Landscape of Wunderle special thanks to Samdahl Nick Michaela Bouchard Stella Lauren Jackson and Julia Simon..

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