Muller, President Trump, Manafort discussed on The 11th Hour with Brian Williams


We know that over the last ten days or so we have seen it's reflected in his tweets as well as these private conversations. How upset he has been watching the Manafort trial day after day, the cable coverage, it's in his face, it's it's an assault. It is mostly you inescapable every day that he sees it there, and that he did is as he's told people around him feels like that's Muller's sort of opening act. But even though this trial of course is not about Russia, but he feels like it's Muller's hands involved. Obviously, Manafort was a prominent part of his campaign and it's a sense of what could still be to come. And either the president tells me around him. He doesn't believe Sunday to anything wrong, but he suggests that either a, he inadvertently broke the law perhaps or be he simply the victim of a witch-hunt stopped me if you've heard that before from the president. And in this case, he feels like that could be next, and that is so. That even though publicly, he suggesting that I'm not worried about Don, you're privately. He is done junior himself also very much taking this brash approach moving forward. He's become a very popular surrogate among Republicans for the midterm elections been crisscrossing the country, so he is not letting this slow him down. Big, thanks to our big three on a Wednesday night in August, Jonathan Lemaire, Robert Costa Barbara, mcquade. Thank you coming up a prominent member of congress who went big for Trump early arrested and charged by Trump appointee at the Justice department for something he might have been photographed doing at the White House on the lawn. And later the president says, he's five for five others in his own party, however, are scoring the situation a bit differently with the mid terms ninety days away the eleventh hour just getting started on a Wednesday night..

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