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They find out that hunt was doing some research into Ted Kennedy from one source to another Bernstein calls up the White House librarian to find out. If hunt checked out any books on Chappaquiddick. The librarian is helpful and says that yes, she remembers that placing him on hold. She goes to get more information when she comes back her tone is different hunt. I don't remember anyone named hunt. Sorry. Well that changed fast. Someone must have gotten to her. Bernstein concludes. That's all true, albeit with some slight changes for the sake of time. For example, the librarian didn't put them on hold it first. She said she dig into it more. And when Bernstein called back the later, she gave them the name of a book by author Jack Olsen called the bridge at Chappaquiddick. That hunt had checked out. It was on the second call that the librarian put Bernstein on hold and then came back with a quite different tone. After the call was done. Woodward called back to see if he could get more info from her. She refused saying that she shouldn't have said anything to Bernstein in the first place. The movie doesn't mention what Chappaquiddick was, but this is referring to an incident that took place on the night of July eighteenth, nineteen sixty nine Ted Kennedy, whose real name was Edward was relatively new Senator at the time being elected for his first term in January of nineteen sixty nine that night. Senator Kennedy was hosting a party for some women who helped his brother's presidential campaign the year before. He left the party with one of the girls. A woman named Mary Joe capacity as they were driving. He lost control of the car on a bridge near Chappaquiddick island in Massachusetts. The car crashed into the water below Kennedy manage to make his way out of the car, but compassionate did not. What made this more than tragic accident was the fact that Senator Kennedy didn't report the accident until the next morning at which point the thirties had already found Mary Jo's body in the water. He claimed he dove back into the water numerous times to try to rescue her. But I guess we'll just have to take his word for that the outcome of the incident was that Senator Kennedy pled guilty to leaving the scene of the accident issued a public apology in which he stated, quote, I regard as indefensible the fact that I did not report the accident to the police immediately, and quote and was given a suspended sentence of two months. For the purposes of our story today presumably would be easy to jump to conclusions. That hunt was trying to dig up some dirt for the Republicans on the incident involving the popular democratic Senator to what end exactly, well, that's what Woodward and Bernstein wanted to know. Going back to the movie are next seen happens. When we see Woodward picks up a paper outside his apartment carrying it back inside. He sits down and starts flipping through it as a fun little bit of detail in the background as Woodward looks at the paper, we can hear the announcer on TV talking about how Bobby Fisher forfeited the second game of the world champion chess match against bortz basking in regular Iceland. When he didn't show up even though that's just background noise in the movie, that's actually true. And it happened on July thirteenth nineteen seventy two. When Fisher protested the distraction of the TV cameras by not showing up to the match, you can learn more about that. In the base on the true story episode where we cover the movie pawn sacrifice. For our story today, though this scene continues when we're notices a piece of paper fall out of the newspaper. The note tells Woodward to make contact with an anonymous source by putting a small red flag in a flower pot on his apartment balcony that meant Woodward wanted to meet with this anonymous source, and when he did that the meeting place would be a prearranged underground parking garage at two AM the next morning. We see this happened in the movie and the anonymous source who shows up is a man we later find out gets the nickname deep throat. He's played by how Holbrook in the movie, the overall gist of this is true. But it wasn't deep throat who suggested the red flag in the pot that was Woodward's suggestion..

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