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Just putting those sounds over the top of house music and things like that. But taking up the house, drums, or even just filtering it out like some hard style, just filtering out the heart-stopping sensor, just so next level and crazy. And we were just kind of experimenting. And that's what hap- we started putting those up on soundcloud, and it started to create a whole new sound. But that was just making these edits in these like things like that. And so it wasn't even like a we're going to try to do something. It was like it was just a process of like we got to show showcase our process. And luckily, we had a little bit of a fan base beforehand that I think helped when we did put the music out get it to that extra point. Like if we didn't have lost one point the two point oh stuff wouldn't have probably not been as poppin in. And so you wouldn't have known how to capitalize. Exactly. And that was the other thing that I was going to get to is like once because we had fallen off so hard like the two thousand ten era. Like, we knew what it was like to lose this like we'd lost. It was done. And we were like considering going and working at like jobs like actual jobs. And then when we actually had a shot, it was like, hey, the door opened again a little bit and him, and I just like went in. And we like we got so Bor, and we just like. Grinded so hard for two years. We built up a crazy fan base. We built up a scene like we started designing clothes, and we'd just like capitalize anything. We. We knew that we ruined or didn't do right and floss one point two point. Oh, we took and just like ran with it. And one thing that stood out to me in those first couple years was how detail oriented you got about everything like from everything. Like, I remember I, and I'm sure you remember this to one south by southwest down in Austin. It was like it was basically the floss two point. Oh, coming out party. I think it was like the first time you guys had played after the music had started to blow up. Yeah. So, you know, some little bar probably like hundred capacity spot, and you guys were there. I think you didn't even really know how to do the show yet. Like, I remember you had like a bunch of controllers and the other thing that I remember with. That the room was packed. And it was split fifty fifty. It was like a weird club where you're kind of in the middle. And so they're like fifty people just in the crowd. And then there were like fifty deejays behind just like, I remember it was like me like smash next to dip below like like shoulder to shoulder, but everybody from that scene in that era was in that room at least that's what it felt like for that performance. Like, do you? Remember the night? I'm actually talking about this. No, you're not. And I do remember a lot of like, especially the early incarnation of flaws two point. Oh, it was. I never felt so good during that. That's like my uncle Rico time like the like it was like an energy about it. Yeah. It was it just it was I think that like you said a lot of the deejays were in that room. And then there was a lot of the crowd. They're the all the DJ's in that room. I think had the same mindset are the feeling that maybe Joshua head of like we can't ride with. Bro. Step EDM dub step stuff right now. Like, they're all ex hip, hop heads are used to play hip hop and mash up dudes..

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