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When you're editing mean with structure like how this is all right but this whole paragraph should be up here at you gotta to ship this whole shit down and make it make sense like you can't bury this whole part this. What the Hell we're here for so I was like okay. Cool I get that. So that makes me better as a writer. Obviously the long run. But you have these things but I had these opportunities because I knew you because of champion for like four or five months that made me exponentially better and then that led to my job with Rhonda Rousey and me going to free wrestling for a year until he. You'll drag an extra ticket come down. We're watching a royal rumble in floor seats like so these little lake positions you me put me in. Did exactly that Greenwich Work. Harder than ninety five percent of the people out there that usually keeps me a float like whatever you don't like my technical aspects Kuwano worse writers but whatever but I'm outworking everyone so if I give you insane amounts of content. You're just going to have to eat that so that that keeps me afloat. Wherever I go my job now I work at work everyone. So that's cool. They have no problem with me. But it gets me to these positions where people like you know how the Hell do you get? Espn over everyone. Else I don't know I've had a million different jobs and I've wrote for a bunch of different places a lot. Thanks to you so when they came across my resume their kids connor interesting. Then they talk to me and after that also wrap so. I say all of that to say this you and the biggest thing of this whole program in this panel and as someone just watching it and hearing about it from you is the biggest thing you're giving and people like you and I don't even notice it. I don't know if you noticed this but you give young writers Young People General. People like me. The opportunity for error minorities don't have a margin of error. We have to come in polished. We have to have a four year degree we have to have. We can't make mistakes on the job. Some other people can make whether you're a woman when they are Spanish if you're black if you're brown wherever you're from European coming over there is little bit of language barrier. Brazil you see that combat sport you don't have the margin of error that traditionally what they're looking for fits and I remember I tell the story all the time pocket almost got banned from the UFC. 'cause I thought it was a different black and then the state you see when I started Hit abroad was like you know. He wore his hat. I didn't have a haircut that Dan I wore hat but I dressed up outside of that. Were high it was unprofessional. Granted may or may not be but I saw people in shorts and t shirts. They were bigger guys. But you covering the four ans in shirts and t shirts and Promo hats from my budweiser on meteoroid. But no they told me they had no margin of error but you providing these opportunities internships Writing Opportunities people grow that gave me a margin of error. Other editors might give me that margin era at champions margin area era. I got better it turn into other opportunities. I worked hard during it but I could. I could fail. I could try fail. I could get better and I think that's what a lot of people don't understand like sometimes as minority. You feel that pressure because you know I can't make one mistake because my one mistake could ruin my one chance in. It's a rat and that's what has to be changed and I mean the one of the things we can dive headfirst. Is That Oh appreciative? First of all because it really does me love for me but the other thing is that this is a space where we do talk about the margin for error but my thing has always been. You can't teach voice and personality but you can teach technical writing and editing can clean up technical writing you can teach the sport you can't teach creative people great people discreet. You can refine their ideas. But I've always been a guy like when I worked at DX. Which is crazy and I'll be very upfront about this. There shittier writers in Combat Sports in the our music music industry there are some damn derives music. They are some shitty writers in combat sports. Anyway when I worked at him up and people come across and want to write for you. I will have them so many writing sample. I never asked them what causing went to. Didn't give a shit. I wanted to see the ideas that they put on paper and sample writing piece and if it was written like if it's written terribly that's one thing if like completely terrible like this can't work but if you're good and I can see the ideas that you you you have an alternative way of thinking and it's how you look at it. You essential ideas in a different way from a different perspective. That people may not be aware of May not have thought about before I can fix everything else. And that's what I've always wanted to work because black folks minorities in general a lot of haven't had the opportunity to go with some of these great colleges and universities. I I went to Morehouse. Listen guys I was a college dropout not do any follow my own. That's a whole nother story and I'm not getting into that right now but I didn't finish college but I knew music. I knew combat sports. I knew these spaces which you've got a fire in your house. Some yes fire alarm going off. What the Hell is going on here? I feel like we have to St Paul. The podcast is great. All right everybody will get back to the show in a second but first now the marches arrived. We are only weeks away from the big tournament. Yes that tournament make sure you had to bet online and opening account today to get in on their one hundred thousand dollar bracket madness contests starting march fifteenth. That's right I said a hundred K..

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