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I thought that the Indian was pretty powerful and that whole moment where she. Reveals how she feels about her kid one of her daughter's yeah it's awful. It is awful and. And I also think the nineties is not easy to come down there. Now that I know I hate add the night. It's been very hard to sort of capture as period I thought they did such a good job. They did really well thought the design of it was great and I think the I. Mean I. Yeah. I think you're spot on and saying they captured the nineties specifically watched it unlike what did they do because I'm going to be in that world so I think the designer everything was tapping. The white painted Brown Car Coffee Table and the curtains into pattern pattern. So I don't think. I maybe you've seen her Iran's Lisa Clark decorated that I think. So in Jessica Kinder- is the production designer and I don't I don't. Interview with her and I just thought you know what? This is I really. Thought could do this such a good job. I don't know. I guess I wish I read the book. But Yeah I did watch all of that. I mean I I loved Mrs America Oh hello. rentable. Science -solutely loved and I. Talk about design thought it was on on? Yeah. I really I I loved Kate. Blanchet is so good in that type of role pop emmy season. I'm surprised they. They weren't nominated to be honest. Can say that a yeah. Am I allowed because watching, which is so impressed with a look at the they're really surprised to. The one that took their spot. Behind the bar you know but. I think I is it when we were talking though I think it was. Keynote everyone puts out there for your considerations and everything and I think. I think that hurts some shows that they didn't have it. Right. Right. So I was one of them but. I saw feature for behind the scenes on the looking to show and I just I just anyway it was great. It was really well acted. Yeah I know I remember Phyllis Schlafly but I didn't really pay attention to always young and So it was nice to go back and live st it with adult is. Really..

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