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Get i kinda understand what this whole online video course thing is then i was like you know you realize i created this website because i have absolutely no idea what's going on right like i'm the best person to be teaching people right right and what my content manager at the time set to me actually has shaped i think my career since then and what she said to me was like actually. We have a lot of very very talented. And great instructors teaching mid and advanced level courses because they've been the industry for a really long time they are like who you would consider like industry experts for these topics and they're very good but because they've been an industry expert for such a long time. They are not as able to cater to begin horses and introductory courses because they just inherently. because they've been doing this for ten twenty years they can't really understand what people who are on day one wouldn't understand And i was like all that so true. That's literally what. I went through for the past couple months trying to figure out when the heck aws even is and she said you know you have this unique combination of being beginner enough that you understand how beginners feel and struggles. They have but also advanced enough. That you can explain these things to people because you've you've personally understood at this point and you know it doesn't hurt that. I have a couple degrees in teaching. And i was like. Oh you know what that's so true. And until then i had actually been trying to kind of hot all the parts of myself away. That's not dis-. It purse and sys admin you know this person who does it and also as a disabled woman minority in tech. It's a very kind of difficult place. Exist and i was trying to cut all these different parts of myself away so that i can be that china mold myself into what assists admins should look like and what an. It person should look like an when my content manager said. That smells like wait a second. I don't have to forget that. I was ever a teacher to forget that. I thrive on teaching and creating content and quite a second disconnect should be an asset instead of something that kind of takes away from my moraine legitimacy and so that was probably one of the scariest. Things i've ever done was say yes. Okay i'll create these courses. And as of now i think its has hundreds of thousands of students and get messages every week. And it's allowed me to quit my full time job and kind of focus on content creation and helping other people get into cloud computing in. Aws it all started. Because i had absolutely no idea what. Aws wise and i knew to pass my certification exam tako newbies. Did you know that all aps need databases take a look at your phone and see what apps you have. Instagram door dash van mo lift. They all use databases databases make up. The software layer that power our app and most databases use. Sql writing queering data..

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