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That show John kobylt and. Ken chiampou, KFI AM six forty I just got an Email from, a research company and they want, my opinion on the California governor's race that's a it's polling you what's the first thing they asked? Though first, thing they? Ask. In fact you can't get to, the, other, questions, unless you answer this with. Which ethnic. Group do you identify of course racial, identity, yeah, racial identity meeting need to know Latino Asian, Caucasian African, American or other ethnicity I think I'm going, to, answer, with all the wrong answers Oh send him Unreliable and I think I think I'm going to become an eighty year dole. Eighty year old Asian woman mess up their mess. Up. Their sample wonderful a reminder that the voice line is always open, for business one, eight one. Eight five moist nine that's one eight one, eight, five, six six, four seven eight nine coming. Up next hour we'll tell you all we know concerning obviously with relevance to the John and Ken show the story out of Iowa or a young woman who disappeared about a month ago and they found her body and then they announced the arrest and it is an illegal immigrant who has been charged. With her murder name is Molly tits and his name. Is Kristen Rivera we'll give you a little more on the story in the. Five o'clock hour we're gonna go to the Gavin Newsom not for governor's. Desk to wow the El Segundo times took a shot at Gavin Newsom and his flip flopping over the years as mayor and Lieutenant governor on. A, whole bunch Of issues including the. Brown. Dog oh it's been back and forth in favor of the high, speed rail fiasco, that we. Have here in California so all that's coming, up, in, the, big, five o'clock hour is a. Big day in the national political news for verdicts and well and and and in plea deals and then this indictment which is fresh off the news today Duncan Hunter the congressman from San Diego he and his wife have been indicted for fraudulent campaign finance records are claiming that he and his wife used. About two hundred and fifty thousand dollars in campaign money. For their own personal expenses including tuition trips to Italy in Hawaii groceries and. Dental work this story has been around for years I remember that they. Were looking into the is under investigation for a while between two thousand nine twenty sixteen so yeah and this is Duncan Hunter whose dad same Name sir Congressional district for for many, years Yes And I thought it was the same. Guy, no this is the son replacing. Father I didn't realize it's over unusual. Name we've had him on the. Show I, mean it's it's, a it's a bad day for. John and Ken guess between this Joel? Anderson Joel Anderson. Into the, the lobbyists right, yeah right so now we got. The Dunkin hunter is he a junior It's not officially. He's? Not, a. Junior so like me he might have. A different middle name When you're not. A junior side the same first. Name is my. Father but I have. A different middle, name so I am not a junior Don't. Think no I. Mean with his dad being an office forever you don't know that you can't spend campaign money on personal expenses I that's basic it says here they're thinking that. They went after that money like it, was a personal Bank account between two. Thousand nine and two thousand sixteen They think that the hunters did not otherwise, have money to pay for some of these purchases. It's forty eight page, in cheese. This. Began yeah two years ago because the San Diego, union Tribune started looking into it in the Federal Election Commission remember. I, remember the. Story it says. That the couples being questioned about expenses for video games oral surgery and a garage door for their home it does get silly The first thing the first thing. If, you run, for office and. You set up a campaign..

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