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Do you WanNa comment on why there's such a huge difference between two countries with essentially the same problems? It does. Very mind. The US was always behind countries. drugs harm reduction. Is Extent. Adult to Methadone early, but that was in a different era that was concerned about the net. Will veterans returning to the states addicted to hurry finding a solution to the Herod problems, because many of US military were tearing Vietnam so methadone caving. But exchange many dissents not be popular in the US. Tippety to reduction, generally there is a what seems from your pimps active of very strong trump compassion. We kids. The health of US kids. There who can as Asian by mums against? APES IN A more? moral panic about youngsters vacated as in fact US youngsters. Than ever before with increasing by Pinson as. Second the regulatory framework in the US has become a mess. has made a mess of regulation products, whereas in the UK. We've moved swiftly to regulate. And thirdly I think the strong well-funded. To? Social Movement canalization loss at many coming from Bloomberg's from gates, so Bloomberg is. Very much against smoking was poured shoe of many into the US glibly in helping to develop anti smoking campaigns and organizations. Bloomberg is also funding organizations which I'm very much energy Vajpayee Bloomberg. Eighty million dollars into a campaign to ban flavors in the US. Sheer drafts money and you say that coming through in the way in which many of the Faculty control of Innovations Pressuring Yours, government does very different climate and he just seems to me very odd. inherited UK retail drought things. He cut a pragmatic way that we have hospitals. Rich vape shops cinema three three inches hospitals. Zainal. kind of ordinary stuff we had to get out with it and yet the US is very different for different prejudice and Davidge approach because of the US infants internationally so. The rhetoric from the US flows through into other countries. Go through. You know through the in the WHO? Yes Hi Doug. Fidgeting avid viewing organizations, but mainly for funding of crossroads possessions in other countries. Glad, she doesn't automatically at Cherry sent too easy. Right sensation, extinct products engaged in a comment to drugs harm reduction, but you tend to get the units within Doug. Richard who dominate the discussion. That's very much been. And Industry. Thinking about the comment you made about the complete misrepresentation of youth vaping in America where you've seen cigarette smoking calmest disappear as people have taken vaping. It seems to me what the Americans have done is they've just redefined vaping? It's smoking so. They can still pursue. Clamor and they're and they're almost hysteria, even though the evidence is showing that tobacco smoking in. Under twenty one year old. There's almost disappearing because people have vaping. Yes, is almost. Vefah madness is replaced, REEFA Mattis has. Those huge campaigns against marijuana reefer madness idea, it's almost fate in is replaced that in public discourse. Time now in the US, where laws against cannabis marijuana relaxed and yet to becoming tough on vacation. So..

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