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So do you would you say that you have like genus and species on the brain a lot oh yeah yeah all the time because that's a lot of what we do here with a with a specimen collection just you know naming the basic units of biodiversity do you remember is a kid in in class learning that like what was it king philip what is the yeah what is it again i can't remember it let's talk taxonomy which is how science organizes things so you may have learned that plants and fungi and animals are classified into domain kingdom class order family genus species and you're like wow alley that is amazing how did you memorize that your genius and i know that's what you're thinking now the mnemonic device is clutch here i never remembered the pneumonic device for this i remember we learned one i think it was like dear king philip came over from germany comma so which is weird who ends what's the so about what's the rest of the story anyway i never remembered it dear king philip came over for grape soda is another way to remember kingdom class order family genus species another alternative you could use is dick ish can poured coffee on france good shirt fuck off ken or dang kinky people come over for group sex which is apparently what some biology teachers use they're like they know marketing they know how to get your attention don't kick people coming from goldman sachs is another alternative depending on how your thoughts about it so calling an organism or a specimen by its genus and species it's kind of like saying your last name i but it's what we call linian taxonomy even though swedish ecologist carl aeneas he didn't really invent it someone else did it was kind of already established so john wasn't busy learning carl lineas pneumonic memory devices in high school but he was down with the different carl carl sagan who despite being an astronomer and a cosmetologist he wrote about evolution sometimes representative aleutian as the ever branching ramifications of some original trunk each branch pruned and clipped by natural selection sagan has an eight minute animated.

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