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Save by aeronautical. What oh pitch. There's a strike to story odor is. He's no hitter is no longer as any eighth inning. With a three nothing lead for the twins. Target field against the Yankees, Jake bird. The no hit bid with a double hundred twenty pitches for odor is the coupon. Radha Greg bird, excuse me with it. Cue ball to the right side fueled by Goldstein with a gloves shovels into the pitcher Corbett covered the bag for the album here, another great defensive play by Paul Goldschmidt. You know? That's not the. The highlights tonight. That's not gonna play that people are going to be talking about for Falko trip. Looking so easy. He's got such quick feet at first base and cable to take the ball in the glove. Shallow. They're rushing to get the out could play right there by Paul. So one out here is Matt Holliday who sold for to the have gotten to run three one Minnesota top of the eight coming into play today. The Yankees yesterday trail Boston by nine division. The Red Sox won one nothing over Toronto. Right handed. Batting holiday. Looks at ball. One low and outside the AKIs holding the top wildcard spot Oakland the second wildcard. And the as coming into play today were to behind the Yankees, Oakland one ten nothing at ten run. Third inning multiple at ten nothing with this holiday punches one in the right field. That's a base. It is soft liner. Ten hits now for Colorado. And one out face runner. Four desperate. That holiday. Got a slider down the way outside of the strike zone stake at this head on it. And just went the other way just like he did in his prime when he was getting hits good job right there by the Yankees Luis the as are just one game behind the Yankees. Now. Wildcard hunt. It could be battling data. The industry is going to host that wildcard Amodio Oakland has visions of catching the Astros. They trailed Houston. By three and a half coming into played it. There is a strike. Desmond. Rather by three games, they trailed used to this. Both the as of the Astros want Houston winning at Detroit today. Five four or interesting thing about the as Yankee race is dead home field advantage is going to be a major factor in the next series which will be against Boston. Let's rank pitched Desmond outside wanted. One Boston one hundred game today. They're gonna end up with the best record in the league. That means they're going to play the winner of the wild card game in the division series. And when you look at it if the game is played in Oakland. Then if the Yankees had to fly all the way, the Oakland play again, they got to fly all the way back and play boss. Remember they end the season against Boston. So they'd be going Boston Oakland Boston and then having to play a series without their number one starter. One one pitch in the dirt knocked down by available. So for the Yankees perspective. If they're gonna get in they need to have home field advantage. So they don't have that travel might Mary not as big a deal for Oakland. Because if they get hope field advantage there there they go to New York and win. They're right up the street to Boston. So it's not as big a deal broken as.

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