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Eight fifty AM and ninety four one FM. With my partner person total right now, we're talking about the movie the upside with Kevin Hart and Bryan Cranston, by the way. It got a forty percent rating from the professional critics at rotten tomatoes, but an eighty eight percent rating from normal civilians. I had some flaws with it. I thought it was very very much a crowd pleasing movie, and certainly predictable certainly for me. But I think that audiences would connect with it. And you mentioned there's not a lot of humor. But I think the humor here is affected. Yeah. There's some slapstick humor and Kevin Hart. His his characters tend to go overboard there were elements here where he was predictably overboard, obviously, Bryan cranston's character is very low key, given the fact that his physical condition, but I thought the two of them connected. Nicole Kidman his in it. She plays. The the longtime executive assistant to Bryan Cranston who maybe has a crush on him. And there you go. Yeah. I surprised by her in that role because it's not big role. She perfect star. But she's finding it. All right. Let's check in with Robert and see what he thought of the movie. Hi, Robert, what did you think of the upside? Hello. Hello. Yeah. I saw it pretty early on in from the previews I had seen which weren't many. I kind of thought it was going to be more of a drama in. Sometimes I'm not a real big fan of some of the bigger Hollywood, or this type movie, sometimes they can be cliche or too predictable or just sell everything out for the viewer. And and I can't stand that this one. I was kinda surprised I thought it had a lot more humor than I expected. And I didn't think it was to appreciate except for maybe the catheters team. But it was a I thought it was quite funny. A lot funnier than I than I expected. Would you think about the connection between the two characters? I mean, I think that chemistry is often spoken about in romantic comedies. But I think that as a chemistry here to which may be don't wouldn't necessarily expect. Yeah. I thought they were great together. And. Yeah, cranston. His. Acting and I thought about that during the movie, you know, with just sitting in a wheelchair aged great, Kevin Hart. I've discussed with other people and comedy actors often are very good at drama because I think comedy's hardest thing and I thought Kevin Hart get great at both comedy and drama as you said Christian. And I think that I think about back to Robin Williams who when he was buttoned-down he had such energy and vitality to him that even when his buttoned-down it came out in some fashion. I think that's what you see a little bit with Kevin Hart here where he's got such a coil of energy to him that even when he's playing a straight role so to speak he can't help but kind of peak out, and I think that's one of the reasons why enjoy the movie. I agree. And and also is acting with great I'm, but actually I thought all of them. I mean, it was a good ensemble. I mean, it was all great acting from Nicole Kidman, Bryan, Cranston to Kevin Hart. Even Margallo's is that her last name Julian americ- Alycia, she had the small, but critical role is the date. Right. And I mean, she did. Okay. And I don't think she wanted. Her part wasn't your wasn't really likable part. But she played well as well. Yeah. So are you surprised that critics are have been so cruel to this movie? Or does that the kind of par for the course? Yeah. And I liked what? Mike just said it is very entertaining. And I didn't think it was quite as cliche like I said before is some bigger Halley mood with movies like this. I kinda liked it. You kind of knew where it was going. And all bet extremely entertaining. And a lot more funny than than I expected. Yeah. And it did. Well, the box office not a huge hit. But twenty million the first weekend, and they expected run ten twelve at best. So Kevin Hart has a sizable audience, and it's one of way, I think the Oscars made a horrible mistake by firing him or kind of forcing him to quit because I think he might have drawn more people to watch the the big Ostra night. But I think that's not going to happen. Now, one element of it that was predictable. These two men that come from completely different cultures along the way get to introduce to one another parts of their culture that the other might not be aware of. So Bryan Cranston is is showing Kevin Hart. The the beauty of opera and Kevin Hart detaches. Himself to that. And then Kevin Hart returns the favor by showing the pleasures of Weeden some other things like that. And reiterate the Franklin, right? Although I think that Aretha Franklin is pretty darn mainstream with his point. I don't think you have to be even a cultural elite like cranston's. Character must have heard respect or other great songs. And of course, the usual suspects found something else to be offended by in this movie. Disabled rights activists have criticized cranston's casting as a quadriplegic because he's not a quadriplegic, and they should have found a quadriplegic to do that. Yup. Vice media said that Cranston has advocated for disabled actors, and he took their role was the way they put it took their role. They're all, you know, this is a business son, what twenty million bucks, which isn't bad when your cashing a movie one of the things that attracts people to spend their twelve bucks to see the movie is if there's a box office name that they're familiar with. Yeah. That's why you catch the Bryan Cranston. Kevin Hart helps. Ahead. Bryan, cranston. You've got double the star power. There is no listen. I can't think of any actor who is disabled alone. Let alone a quadriplegic who has any of the cachet. Now, you could blame Hollywood you can blame the fact that it's harder to keep me. If you're disabled in that fashion, it's harder to kind of succeed at certain gigs. Sadly enough, I just know maybe they could have done more behind the scenes, maybe they could have had hire people to be experts on on being disabled, you know, but at the end of the day, no one is going to know disabled actor has the cachet at this point in our culture that that Branson does do you. Remember the movie about? A young girl who grew up. Blind and deaf Helen Keller with yes about Helen Keller and bankrupt. That's right. The instructor Helen Keller it they Duke was buried should. They have not cast Patty Duke in that role. But cast somebody who was born blind and deaf. I mean, this is. I know it's it's I mean, I think you can have an argument where Hollywood the industry should be more inclusive to people of different backgrounds. I I mean, that's an argument to be had. But when you get to this level. It's it's it's it's frustrating. Okay. Well, let's rate on a scale of one to five using a clever unit of measure that has something to do with the movie, and I've got to here. Okay. Go ahead. I got one. So so I've got since I've got a backup. I'll hold off on both of them. So I don't steal Roberts thunder. Robert. I'm sure has come up with a wonderful unit of measure from one to five that has something to do with the movie. Go ahead, Robert. Yeah. And and I had a backup to obvious one. But I'm saying four point two out of five Ferraris. All right. I'm three and a half pen pals. Okay. So you didn't use either of your good? Well, I have three and a half catheters. Okay. And three and a half. Ugly Doberman paintings. Nonetheless, go for fifty. Arabica reward for giving us a great review our passes to the C film center. Colfax a wonderful place to see movies avid, drink have a bite to eat and explorer, some of the culture of film, I think is one of the great resources in the Denver areas that we've got something like the see where they've got films that aren't what you normally expect theater. Sometimes they've got Ostro nominated features everything kind of climactic programming. So enjoy the seafoam center passes. Go ahead, Robert guessing. Well, yeah. Well, thank you very much. I did have to say with the opera part that was a little cliche, and it did remind me of Pretty Woman a little bit. Oh, good point. Yeah. Yeah. When Richard Gere comes to pick up. Julia Roberts standing up in the back seat of the limo through the roof roof. What do you call opening? Sunroof? That's it. And they're blurring opera music. It's a cultural tell all, right. Well, thank you again rubber. Appreciate your help. You're welcome. By the way. I saw the upside with Robert one of the perks of joining the Mike Rosen movie club is that occasionally get to see movies with me not that I'm such a wonderful gas. But we do see the movies before they hit the theaters for free. So if you join the Mike Rosen movie club, I sent out Email invites once every two weeks or so and say, hey, I'm seeing this movie which like to join me in the first one buzz in gets the seat. Just a warning. If you're going to see it with Christian. He is very covetous of his popcorn sit on reach over and try to dig your hand who into his popcorn beg. I've seen him beat people who did that it gets ugly. And I don't can't defend myself. And we also.

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