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Goldstein back with you here in Boston. Our first intermission. And this has been the Geico Stanley Cup final intermission report, great news. There's a quick way you could save money. Switch to Geico go to Geico dot com. And in fifteen minutes, you could save fifteen percent or more on car insurance once again after one period, the blues and Bruins are even at you piece when we return we'll rejoin Kenny Albany, Joe McCarthy for the start of the second period in conjunction with NBC sports. You're listening to the Stanley Cup final on Westwood One. Be ready for wherever the day takes you with Wrangler outdoor pants and shirts with durable fabrics moisture management and UPS thirty protection Wrangler outdoor clothing with outdoor credibility, and everyday versatility. It may not be stomach issues for me. It's intense gas or pain, or diarrhea sometimes all at once over and over I spent years with the symptoms, but could never figure it out. No matter what I did they never went away. So I decided to break down for my doctor and get really specific about my symptoms Twee discovered the execution pancreatic insufficiency or EP. I may be the reason for my stomach issues EP is caused by my pancreas. It leads to diarrhea gas bloating stomach pains, unexplained weight loss in oily stools the symptoms. Just don't go away, but he p I can show up with even one symptom. The good news API's manageable, but to get to the right diagnosis you have to break it down for your doctor and get specific about the severity of your symptoms. Visit identify EP dot com to learn more and use the symptom checker to help change the conversation with your doctor. Brought to you by abbvie. Today. Business happens here here and virtually anywhere. Because today innovative companies are reinventing the way business happiness, and they need people who can keep up with the expertise and technology to get packages over one hundred and fifty million livery points. So who can help you deliver the future of commerce, the United States, postal service? See my we deliver more e-commerce back just the homes than anyone at USPS.

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