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Cruise control and eight strikeouts in a row obviously dominating and had great stuff but once he threw twenty nine pitches in the first inning he was never gonna get soup pursue per deep into this game and it was freezing out there so it certain point he just going to have to be lifted anyway so it's pitch count was already getting up there and getting high and we get to the fifth inning the bottom of this and there's two on two out runner on second and third to our and the catcher spot in the order is coming up and it's the it's the rookie just barely called up tomas nido and mickey callaway decides to pinch hit for tomas neo and made it doesn't sound like a big deal he brings in jay bruce off the bench pence pinch hits tomasz neto with the pitcher spot in noah syndergaard coming up next and the problem there is if you're the brewers what do you do the pictures on deck and they're bringing up jay bruce with runners on second and third no one nothing game walk him intentionally right takes about out of his hands load the basis bring the pitcher up dare the mets take syndergaard who very you know pitching really well in this game if you're the brewers to win win they either have to take syndergaard out which he would be happy with or the and that means they're bringing in another pinch hitter and on a day like this you're you're getting guys off their bench so callaway does that he brings in jay bruce where they do they walk him intentionally brings up yard and callaway round of them pinch hitting for syndergaard no one nothing game he lets the pitcher hit syndergaard makes it out of course and of course it's not like he he's not potentially can't hit but it's a pitcher and he ended up in a situation where he leaves syndergaard in there he goes back out with a high pitch count gets one out gives up a base hit and gets pulled and if you're only gonna let him if he was going to be on such a short least you're only going to let him pitch the two batters in the next inning.

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