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Is there going to be episode on that I feel like I need one filling? It would just be I feel like it would just be me saying, yes. And then end of at the UB the shortest episode of this five guest. Can I summarize this? Yes, they're fucking Nazis, y'all. Now, you have another quote that you want to out. Right. Well, so this is basically Rev line didn't doping nutrients people existed as far as you can tell the internet prior to this episode. This is an so he was not actively anti trans. You was not, you know, going on social media at writing transphobic streets and hating his life to fighting transpeople as he pretty much has now seriously he is acts glitter. I believe on Twitter. First of all. Warning do not go there. Because he was one of the ones that I remember when there's a project. Mermaid was this is out at your remain referencing. Yeah, project mermaid, which is a UK charity, which was founded by the action parents of actual trans our young people who support them with a mission to embrace in power and educates. They were going to get I believe in fact, they eventually did get a half million pound grants for their mission. And register are around linemen tried to have that taken away because he just you know, because he hates prince people he will tell you. He doesn't. But it's just his actions. Eat so loudly July's case. Yeah. And he's unin, basically, he I think he turned anti trans. Nah. Because he was mad about people being mad about this episode. Yeah. He said he was never on records saying much of anything that I can find about transpeople until after this episode aired in people criticized him on Twitter and ever since then he has you would think he's dedicated his life trans-phobia ninety. I looked at his Twitter, I waited into his Twitter feed and over the course of seventy two hours that was almost all talked about his trans people and always in a negative fashion. Although occasionally claiming that he likes the is not transphobic with the occasional diversion from heating trims people to tell you that he's not transphobic while end, and this is one of those things where least me it's like that idea of like, I can't be racist. I don't have a ROY. Oh, yes. Yes. You don't even in the plan to be racist may but. Yeah. Lay the it's it's a very, yeah. It's it's your actions speak louder than words, Ganz actions. Especially after this episode, especially after trying to literally tinkle Ray money that can help. Of transpeople insurance, guess transpeople experiencing the the it's it's absolutely showing your colors, if I phrase it still, okay? But yeah, if not I will find a better way to yet. So. Yep. And in in regard, I collect abuse quotes from him. I like collecting what's from assholes. He. This is this is something I don't remember. If I found this on his Twitter feed or up, this is an example of kind of gas late in does he says, quote, a lot of transgender people agree with me, I not transported because of this debate. Because you've been end quote because he is engaged in all this anti trans activism re quotes, I now having no her friends who are trans. And they don't agree with this month. This is the famous might trains friends, if not my transplant would be appalled at the extremism of you trends, people will it. And especially this this rhetoric of the trans dogma touch on your lot in the trans rhetoric in so just immediately. It's like, okay, that's nice. I'm not necessarily saying I don't wanna see the receipts. Obviously use trains. Because I'm sure that he does have some people that linked everyone can find a yes, man. Everyone gets little everyone. Can finally everyone confetti. Yes. I. That just on the, but everyone can find someone who will say, yes. From that demographic. And that's why just getting your your sticker and your badge of light. I like a this this Rangers. It's like, oh, that's nice that you've transfer. Yes, on did you know that someone? Best friends or trounce? Really? Yes. How can I get transphobic? Yeah. No, definitely none. All right. So we've folks on a grid light of his well is there any other determined to that you will share young?.

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