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Colonel Alexander Veneman is an army officer of the National Security Council unease testifying today before the house impeachment enquiring corresponded merry Bruce says he's got a lot to say is the first White House official to testify who heard the phone call between president trump and Ukrainian president to Lansky when trump demanded Ukraine investigate his political rival Joe Biden according to his opening statement obtained by ABC news Benjamin will tell investigators I did not think it was proper to demands that a foreign government investigate a U. S. citizen and I was worried about the implications for the U. S. government supported Ukraine in a statement Redman says he reported his concerns to the NSC is lead counsel twice saying he thought the calls and demands would undermine US national security his testimony is leading up to a vote on Thursday in the house to formalize the procedures of impeachment speaker Nancy Pelosi says this will eliminate any doubt as to whether the trump administration may a wet withhold documents prevent witnesses from testifying disregard subpoenas or continue obstructing the house of representatives resolution establishes procedures for the hearings that will be open to the public it also outlines procedures to transfer evidence to the Judiciary Committee as it considers articles of impeachment Wednesday's time zero seven le Mardi may be socked in with fog and drizzle about spirits were high there this morning the first concourse of the new delta terminal is ready to go governor Cuomo was on hand for the celebration calling this a major milestone in the airports complete rebuild he says this project just had to be done you are better than what look why do yet is that is a true statement and the nine year old is not a life option if you deny your problem you will never solve it the delta terminal will replace terminal C. and D. it will ultimately have for concourses and thirty seven gates next week the first seven gates will be operational city council speaker Cory Johnson streets master plan comes up for a vote in the council transportation committee this afternoon council speaker Cory Johnson laid out as transportation master plan with an emphasis on one hundred fifty bus lanes and two hundred fifty bike lanes I firmly believe that New York City is the greatest city in the world but it doesn't feel that way when we're late to work because of train delays when it's faster to walk them to take the bus the plan will be implemented over five years to begin at the end of twenty twenty one it addresses the increase in bike and pedestrian fatalities but will also make for more accessible and environmentally friendly environments asked if this was a war on drivers this is not about punishing cars this is about making our streets safer Juliet Papa ten ten wins at city hall three turn the clocks back this weekend to revert to standard time and that means it's going to get dark much earlier so the vision zero initiative is renewing its dust.

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