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Everything to start the year, right? No matter where school happens on all that amazing price of school on save on as stables. I'm a bear with traffic on the fives. Followers on Twitter at WNBC Traffic. Randy Allah Switch TV meteorologist. What's going on? Yeah. Hey there, Tony Boys, a beautiful Wednesday morning. It's gonna be a great day. Sunshine Avery Pleasant day, 75 degrees. The high couple spots her down to 40 this morning. I believe Crawford, 47 degrees and a couple other spots into the upper forties. Clear skies comfortable again tonight Low temperature of 57. Thursday. Mohr Sunshine. Another Nice day Tomorrow sniper on 77 Friday, mostly sunny but warmer, the high baby to the we can not bad It's going to be warm and also becoming more human low eighties on Saturday, a dry was sticking her Tony a chance of spotting thunderstorm on Sunday. Sunnyside temperature into the middle eighties. That's Randy. Alice. Of which TV Randy. Thank you. It is 54 degrees in the American Standard Cooling Weather Center yesterday was gorgeous, Glorious, perfect cigar smoking weather. The high today is going to be 75. Glorious, perfect cigar smoking leather. It's all perfect cigar smoking weather in my world the time right now, with 706 way you haven't even gotten into what is the ramifications of the 500 not having fans. On the sports world. Tony Katz, 93..

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