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I'm Arnie Spanier. You want to be part of the show Aaron on the score Tourism. It's thinking genius One just like it happened A while ago when you saw your UConn Huskies saying no football. I think I texted you 3 400 times in a matter of like, five minutes. You didn't answer any of my tags, so just want to make sure you're okay. Well, I woke up to two text That's that morning. One was from you. Thea. Other one said sorry for your loss. And so I immediately freaked out when it said sorry for your loss, trying to figure out what I was like. Wait is everywhere. It was somebody that what doesn't know my family. So I was like, What are they talking about? And then I went online. I saw what happened. It was obviously disappointing, but I think Look, the Mac News today is reflective that these small schools you kind of small school, but the schools that don't have as much money in the power five. They're going to struggle to put a product on the field. I don't think necessarily Yukon or the Mac or the last, even FBS teams that are going to be ah, canceling this season. You know, just one thing on that. I think that teams Excuse me Schools. That are that are losing a lot of money. And I'm not just saying UConn. Anybody in particular, they may have to think of maybe getting rid of football and you know, going in two different directions. You can't keep supporting a sport. That's gonna cost you millions and millions of dollars, So we'll see what happens. Dodgers Trail 54 to the Giants that game in the top of night will keep you up. There was five. Nothing giant. So my Dodgers making a run there, Torres and Luca about Luca with the big game tonight, my friend about that. It's unbelievable already and you know, listen, the bubble has been really fun. But the bubble. I think some young guys have really emerged and I think people are starting to realize how good they are. Like when we talk about the best players in the old LeBron Anthony Davis Kawai Yana see honest. Well, guess who. Yang is the reigning MVP just got outplayed by a 21 year old. And so when you start talking about one teams that could be interesting when they make the playoffs. I think the Mavs air definitely it with with Don Cheech and poor Zynga's But I mean, you know, we do all these polls every year about Oh, if I could start a franchise with one player in the Luca, I was going to say Lucas getting up there where if he's not it, you better There's not many guys in front of him at this point would it be Yannis LeBron and Harden are the three finalists for the M V P on Ly Yanis, would you consider there? I wouldn't take harden. Oh, he's a great player in LeBron's older than dirt. So who's left who you're going to take the starch of team matter of fact, Luca is the better player than all three of those guys right now. I was just thinking if you had the chance to start your franchise, and you had Yannis, the reigning MVP or Luka, I think I take Luca. I really do. Better shooter better distributor Now Johannes is a fantastic player. I'm not saying he's not, and he's obviously seven feet. He can handle the ball. But you start looking at what Luca is doing it. By the way everyone talks about the fact that, you know ah, Um Ah, yeah, Honest doesn't have much of a supporting cast. And can they win the chick? Who does Lucca have on his team? Besides poor Zynga's, You know, it's not like he's playing with with four other all stars here. So by the way, Mavs in position at the number seven seed, we could get Mavs Clippers around one. How about that? By the way, it did turn out pretty good for the n ba right with the MBA bubble. I I didn't think that Maybe that was a good idea that we were going to pull it off with the problems. We have an early, but it's It's worked out. Great too. And what about they being lowered, mister? A couple of free throws? How about that, huh? Well, you saw what happened after with him in polls. George Wright. That was unbelievable. For people who didn't see it. I guess Paul George wave goodbye as he left the court to Damian Lillard. Damian Lillard said. Ah, well, you know, I did that last year when when I knocked about the playoffs, Paul George starts chirping and Damian Lillard on Twitter and Damian Lewis says, Why don't you switch a team another time or to their policy? So I thought he got the upper hand. I thought it was pretty incredible. Why was Lillard wearing a mask by the way after you just played in a basketball game? Where was it in the press conference in the press conference. A lot of guys were doing that. I don't know. But then some guys aren't it feels like I mean, I guess you have a good game. You don't wear a mask, too. If I had a bad game, you do work as it is that the way it works or what? Yeah, I just think it's weird, but you know what's weird to me to Artie, and I'm not trying to criticize and moral taking covert seriously. But this thing where they're doing the interviews six feet away when the reporter is wearing a mask. If we're all in the bubble in world testing negative, like I sort of get it. You can never be too safe, but it's kind of like I feel like we could just stand a couple feet from each other, especially if the report is wearing a mask, Devon said. I'm waiting to see birth certificate for the sky looks a little older than 21 out there. Games like Danny Almonte. They from the little. I remember that guy accepted because really 31 of we just haven't figured it out yet. Well, there's not too many 31 31 year old drop in 36 14. 19. Yes. When he was 25 31 doesn't really make a difference. How old you are when you're dropping numbers like that, Torres, do you think the Mavs could make a little mini run here in the playoffs? Be interesting, at least give somebody a run. Whether it is the Clippers the Nuggets, whoever I think they can, because obviously the Lakers arriving some problems. I believe. The Cooper still seems like the overwhelming favorite, but it isn't like the top teams aren't you know, showing some cracks in the you know, and and the team there? That's the problem. So I think it's wide open this year. Certainly wide open, especially the bubble, too. Right? Wow. Our one just flew on by my goodness. We got a lot of basketball to get to an hour too. The Sehgal will join us toward the end of the hour. You want to get in Aaron underscore Torres Ahmed's think ingenious one co Isis out. What about the Lakers? Who is the true M V P so much to get to all that next year on Fox Sports Radio?.

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