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If ever i get a chance. Maybe i'll do it today to tell you the story about my mother's ashes and taking here to a kia then Well just remind me. I must tell you brides transparent on trails today and also of course back for part. Two of a special guest edmund tarraco pian today on the photo walk. I never want photography to become a job as in a nine to five job. I've seen colleagues who are nine to five photographers. If it's ten minutes past five o'clock the cameras in that bag and big ben topples out to tower and balances across the river. They wouldn't take a picture admins. Sarah cobian is our guest for the concluding part of his appearance on the new look photo. Walk show of a friday. it's the show that's just you together with our cameras. Taking a walk wherever we are in the world me with my microphone mailbag to that. You've been fantastically generous with sending in your thoughts about making photographs and pictures to that. We feature on the show page. We're brought to you by n. P. b. dot com the world's largest online platform for us to photography and videography equipment. Who have just unveiled the five legendary pieces of kids that have won the public vote to be crowned the photo and video kit hall of fame class of twenty. Twenty one through five winners. Do you have any of this kit. Classic inductee the calendar diaz five mark. Three one of the camera. So i have game changer inductee. Dj i'm having to pro a drone. I have a conic in that the hasselblad five. Oh one c. which. I sadly don't have road tested in not the nikon on icon on the eight fifty depending upon where you are in the world and the trendsetter inductee the sony. A seven three will link of course to the results and can read for yourself. Why and how. The list was decided to day on the photo walk. Then a patron of the day has shed. A virtual exhibitions linked to in the famous. Show notes no. You will love and you love the exhibition to the pros and cons of covy lockdown for photographers. Why moms make such great photographers being the creative desert and what we can do about it shooting better portraits and you could make more time for shooting. Portrait's scottish wonder landscapes recording. Sounds to go with your still pick just taking my late mother to i care a true story and before we walk this week a big. Thank you to usb memory directs dot com who also shown some faith and want to help out photography daily community to make these shows. So thank you. They specialize in creating custom usb flash drives fifty styles of them very shapes sizes materials. All able to be customized with your logo. But neil why not just let people download their images suit well. Professional photography sessions carry professional so being able to receive a physical product to some sort is important in this otherwise. Well well the ones in zeros you add some value and you add to branding to the us bees and optionally the packaging and you've created this valuable promotional product for your clients to keep for years to come visit keepsakes professional to and for our listeners. In the us and canada use the code flash fifteen to receive fifteen percent off your first order of custom. Flash drives go to you. Sp memory direct dotcom usb memory. Direct dot com. We'll leave a link on the show notes of cool as always you can request quote through them. Right cameras charged check lens caps off Check boots on. Yes let's walk for this week's photo walk show together in metropolitan urban and countryside leads all in one just because We are not locked down at the moment in the uk. It's all too easy to forget that. There are many photographers right now. Finding it much harder to get outdoors again to go. As far as they would like to make their pitches as usual. And i'm starting actually with christine wilson this week who are making up patriot of the day. Who'll the same time. Because she has a story to share about this and also an app to share that you may or may not be a user of you. May he may not even know about it. So cristine wilson. Hello neil this funds. You well. I wrote last year with a story about my father being the capri traveling salesperson. How could i. How could i forget that Best job in the world Being a sales personal salesman she actually calls him For for capri my grandfather had taught about grant have an eye granddad chocolate and tobacconist's confectioner's on the the famous eight ten in enfield london and there were a handful of times when i was in that shop when the the cells then from from fry's chocolate come and he bring a briefcase full of wonderful goodies. I loved fries chocolate. They did they still make fries chocolate. So turn up with this This case of Of fries and i'd sit there diligently outback with grandad in the storeroom jumping on the on the basel chocolate but the The salesperson aggrandize would just raid the tobacco store anyway christine says i think that was about episode one hundred forty six. You're very good. Christine was it. I haven't checked. There's a platform which are light. Which i'd like to share says christina post to it every now and then stellar dot co s. t. e. l. l. e. stellar dot co. Now i i did know of this or have heard of this but i haven't really been a user so So looked it up. Stellar s. t. e. l. l. e. more in the city. Now company we go. I'm heading for. I thought it'd be heading out into the country. I seemed to be heading in to the city. But i'm still on the route. I'm still following the leeds and liverpool canal just to my my leftist so yes i looked up stellar now. I've never really been a user of it but It's all about well. It says. discover your next adventure. The ap says the ultimate in travel inspired storytelling where you can discover and share incredible experiences from the world's coolest places. That's exactly what i've found. You can download for for android or apple and it's a platform that's a literal to guide where you can travel in the world stuff. You can see things that you can experience. I'll include christine's lincoln. Kristen says it's more about stories. And it is absolutely love. Love love your Your black and white coastal collections in that christine office. They something that you the coast is obviously somebody you love being and it's something that you you clearly love photographing so i downloaded the app. Since i haven't really used it before. And i started to think he might be a good place to put my own. I will pitches though Landscape and this really is more about portrayed orientation but it is well worth visit on ole included linked to your your star on the show pace today as well. I must say for me..

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