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Well we can make it to the role and only the only thing we got it's already over all of the week to three three you said is three feet a little sort of be taken personally the man the world three gals and water up is that what they said below Dunlop I would assume freezer went by a it's pretty good please not bad shape because of the damsel for so you guys to Dunlop Whitcomb woods is gone like wood the ads of rivers flowing through it song so we're gonna get what's his name down saying inform our dress run a run story the river broke it either fly fishing for yeah the John on the line John how you doing this morning we appreciate you calling me up thank you for those numbers by the way we will have them all a yes Sir I well I can't see your careers to foggy but the that fog do dries off way it'll be dusty from the trucks going on the Tyra says that he gets the real dry in afternoon I never seen anything like it tell you what I tell everybody I live up in land can not tell everybody west of two eighty one is the word of the Sonoran Desert starts it moves back and forth as it does on the year but give you of what I know I don't know that much he really need to get in touch with John a representative Syria a and he's on a a new committee that's got three things that they're dressing culture I believe or history outdoors and tourism now that's the big thing is Amanda from out of the economic activity up down all of these lakes and we've got six of them and two of them were down and they've got a a stay on the other ones now I have heard some shot guns going off here at Lincoln dollars I don't know if they're out in boats I don't see many boats out I don't know for allowed to be on the lake or not but I do hear the shoot and so they must have Labradors to go get the doctor does jazz but does that you'll get all the water somewhere but yeah and talking about the channel last year there was a a boat I don't know how they even got it in the river they launched it at the G. B. R. A. damage lake in dollars and it was a cabin both about sixteen feet long head to the Johnson nineties on it talk to the guy in fact he docked at my place for three days there and he was head sonar radar and he was he was record in the channel right so they knew last year something was up and but if you get in touch with John Syria I think he's the best contact and then John representative John Campbell had a place on the left was that the August board of directors meeting that everybody went to and blew the lid off the place soon he was big who was one of the big representatives far prop five two so yeah he he he believes in the outdoors well I think the they they'll be real good with you and Susanna feathers is his spokeswoman or the order title is but she's real nice and Kerry up at at Edmund Campbell on Campbell's office I believe this context deal there so hopefully we can keep this in the spotlight that's the main reason of me sat through this is exactly what he's talking about it John we really appreciate you helping because it's people like you that's going to make it work I mean it's got to make it better if people like you and then we will get the voice you know we will be the voice for you all and will help you any way we can my friend help you out in any way we can well I told him that you'd be you'd be a good because you got your programs going into the school yeah go to yep yeah it's it's a yeah it's a it's a good one and you know that's something I think we may have to do one of the one of the fastest growing sports in the state of Texas is high school by association yeah this may be something we need to tie into this I'm I have to be doing I have to do is put my thinking cap bone and do some thinking god speak brother I appreciated thank you so very much in any way we can help you all all you have to do is holler Sir well don't tell me about that near record bass that day almost good that they did catch down here a couple years ago however that thank in fact they have call record you know they have caught sure longer is all done a lot like five or six years ago I remember that one yes Sir all right we all take it and run with it you said it thank you so very much you be listening any time you need gem and jump in breathe police calls right thank you Sir thank you John we really appreciate that wow we got some good good contacts now there this will work this work maybe two digits now so yeah we can get to work anybody else out there yeah I want to jump in here and help us are you don't give us some contacts are let us know what's going on you know like I say I'm a little late but can I live in land okay Downey and they're not talking about it the news down here in Austin area I don't know what's going on in the San Antonio area I shouldn't say that but I don't so we have to have people like John and y'all get on here and say can't this is what we need to happen we were when we will be the voice of the sure you this is something that we've got to get fixed and help yell with it and we will yeah all you gotta do is give family we got to get out of here and we'll see you on the other side you'll be good and we're gonna tell you have questions about rods or reels this is the only of wait the the it's decorated with Duncan Hey your desk looks great really festive with all the decorations on things yeah this Duncan peppermint mocha latte give me a little pick me up and I decided to go for it well you even lines your desk drawers with musical lights yeah and look what's inside a Dunkin peppermint mocha latte for you get holiday and a Duncan with a two dollar medium latte cappuccino or Americano from two to six PM the holidays run under again Asian me very limited time offer Hey what's up a drag even the Kane show and I just took a little visit to the brand new were modeled Rockville dealership persons kia and they have hundreds of vehicles ready to go basically every single thing you could want they have right there on the lot and every new vehicle that you buy from hers and kia includes two years free maintenance the greatest thing about them too is that they've been around in business for sixty years so you can pretty much trust that they know what they're doing when it comes to sell you the car that you want and they're conveniently located just half a mile south of shady Grove metro recently I got to drive the new kia soul that thing drives like a dream the interior is super stealth and that all these awesome safety features inside of it which is really important to me because nine times out of ten I'm driving around with my son who's three I love this car see dealer for details.

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