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One hundred fifty yards right? Maybe more who knows trying to decide whether he would have higher rushing total or Gus Edwards. The new like number one running. Like who's more likely to get one hundred yards rushing touchdowns? Lamar Jackson attempts. So I would more Jackson has that ridiculous floor and and a great match against a west a Oakland team traveling east for one o'clock game so recipe for success for Lamar Jackson, which is one of the reasons why he will be very popular add this week. Now, I can hear some of the people out there saying or maybe they're tweeting or commenting or whatever it is. They do their Daniel Dopp saying like, hey, come on James Winstons been gone. My league all season long and Lamar Jackson. He was picked up two weeks ago. I need a real stream or come on. I'm gonna I'm gonna super competitive league. I'm going to deeply gimme somebody else field. Let's play with little bit of fire here, Matthew. And if I told you you could have a quarterback facing a team that has allowed twenty five touchdown passes and one interception. This year one. Measly teeny tiny interception, which take your chances on that player. Yeah. I think I might out of every throws against the buccaneers had been completed. So Nick Mones defying his little Nick Mullins right was available. In a ton of leagues is interesting. I've got about nineteen in my quarterback rankings this week. And we've seen him play awesome. In one game already against a pitiful raiders defense. I'm not saying he'll throw three touchdowns again, it'd be lights out. But yeah, I'm always roll the dice. Nick Mullins yellow. Rated just about feel. I haven't ranked at number sixteen. I think he he kept the forty Niners in it likley. He had struggles against the giants. It was only second game starting. Let's be fair. But Nick Mullins can run that offense two weeks to prepare for this game against the buccaneers defense to your point field. That is allowed the most fantasy points per game two opposing quarterbacks. I believe seven different times wanna look at my notes here. Seven different quarterbacks have scored over twenty fantasy points against the buccaneers. So just if you play Tampa Bay you've got a good shot and again cow Shanahan said two weeks to prepare for this game and to sort of game plan and scheme something that takes advantage of Nick Mullen strength against Tampa's defense little daily tip. George kill Nick Mullins. Stand up on you stack for week twelve rights there. It's going to be hot and Tampa Bay this weekend. Seats are still available. Matthew for this game? I think perhaps if you would like to go see Nick Mullins in person got on the Nick Williams train before it leaves the station. You can do it because, you know, getting tickets online can be far too complicated for certainly for people like myself. I didn't go to Princeton. What do I know? I'm a I'm a moron here. Right. There's hundreds of sites out there varying levels of reliability hard to know who to trust. Specially if you're naive boy in the city like me, that's why seatgeek is the way to go. Seek.

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