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Know, just like some student vaccinations are mandated in some are. The California Teachers Association has sent a letter to Governor Newsome. Resting. The teachers be moved up the list to get a shot. The covered 19 vaccination side of Dodger Stadium is open this morning after being shut down on Saturday. Anti vaccine groups shutting down at the entrance for about an hour. The site is usually open eight in the morning until late at night. A bomb scare briefly shut down the Oakland airport over the weekend Kid because Marshall Benson Widmore officials say that the potential bomb threat shut down the Oakland International Airport for about two hours. Yesterday, a customer was angry about delays to a flight headed for Mexico, according to the Alameda County Sheriff's Department. He then told the airline staff that he had a bomb in his bag. Nothing was located and after a struggle, the unarmed man was arrested on charges of making bomb threats. Marshall Benson News 93.1 KFBK this morning governor. New students asking for federal help to rebuild a portion of highway one kfbk Zara well belong. Report. California Governor Gavin Newsom is issuing an emergency proclamation for the counties of moderate and San Luis. Of this boat due to damage caused by wonder storms this past week. The storms have caused flooding as well as mud and debris flows, forcing the evacuation of thousands of residents. The storms damaged critical infrastructure, including washing out a portion of highway one. The emergency proclamation prompts Caltrans to formally request immediate assistance through the Federal Highway Administration's emergency relief program and the Office of Emergency Services to provide assistance to local governments. Royal Balon Newsnight.

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