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Later today, and this list is longer than Joe Gannon's left arm. It's not cover a mall, but at least get what's coming up in the next couple of hours or so. Let's go to Danielle Mason 8 to 9. We have the car show after the car show 9 to 10. We have the rich Paul show and then 10 until noon. We have the inside outside guys, So that's what's happening to me Chair this morning. Thanks, Danielle. It is now 6 44 on Saturday morning, and that makes it time for Joe gunman's tough of mine topics. So sometimes I just sit here in front of the computer and wonder what I'm going to do next. So this past week I went searching for articles pertaining to the appliance industry, and I found one and it's alarming and I must bring forth this news to you. Flash news. I'm peace. Piecing together here is about a drier fire in Kansas City. The dryer caught fire. House, Bert. The Fire Department came out and said the cause of the fire was lint in the vent line going to the outside. And the sad part of this story is the gentleman who lived in the home is in critical condition. As I'm speaking to you today, do not Operate your clothes dryer after you shut the lights off and go to bed. Do not operate the dryer while you're not around. Carefully put out the fire. If you can, should it occur in your home, So that's my warning. Just all consumers today do not operate the clothes dryer. After you go to bed. Thank you very much. Good tip, Joe. Thank you by the visual on this. Next one is just amazing to me. I mean, I picturing a guy that that only gets his dish was clean but his feet as well. The door falls open during the dishwasher cycle. Dunkirk, New York's the collar. It's Derwood. Hello, Derwood. Thanks for calling all the way from New York. Very nice of you. Thank you. Bones. You're miss your Gagnon. Just wait there with their dunker. They suffer Comma Zavala, You may be a Michelle to hail from the northern reaches of Ontario and enjoy your broadcast and have done so since your previous generation. 1995 until you J. R. Yes, I go way back now, where you from? In Ontario. Kappas casing. 00 not far from Timmins. That's exactly right. The northern parts were they do get deep winter to be sure you have That's nice of you to call their wood. How may we help you? I have a vintage hot point dishwasher that was installed in the kitchen of my parent's home here in Dunkirk when they had a youngest town cabinetry put in 1952. So it is about the same vintage. Is your Donald the Hammer Schuster producer there? And the problem with this disc Boxer is it has no locking mechanism to keep the dark clothes. It's an older model is you may imagine, and as a result My wife has the proper mophead Look, gets the handle of the door on the dishwasher to keep it closed. Otherwise back around Thanksgiving, the door fell open and we had night befalls right here the kitchen and much to her sick Korean, But we've been at least keeping it running that way. Since that time, but it's kind of it. Inconvenience as you might imagine. Now that old dishwasher has some sort of cable mechanism on each hinge. At the bottom. Have you gone into the dishwasher at all? I actually have a compendium here. It's from 1950 entitled Electrical Appliance Servicing by William Crowds published by McGraw Hill. Perhaps you're familiar with that publication. For perhaps I've read so many books. I can't remember. Well, this would actually has a photograph of my dishwasher on peach 500. It details a lot of things. I've been able to, uh, keep this machine running since it was installed. I had to replace the impeller motor twice and that you're getting hard to find parts for it with the help of this this compendium. I'm not familiar with that. No, I have to look very closely to see that. Well, that's what's holding your door up and closed. On this dish washing. I doubt very much you'll ever find the part at a Nepal I It's wholesale out Glad. But you can go to repair clinic dot com here in the Canton, Michigan, and they've got a warehouse here that holds a four million customers parts. So my it's called repair clinic dot com. I think my issue is with the friction, said closure toward the top of the machine. There's a little like there's a spring that holds a little ball. Against another, and it is sort of holds. It closed that way, and that's become very lose. And so even though the machine runs perfectly, it's real loud. You have to leave the kitchen while it's running. It's not like one of your fine boss machines, Children and my wife say, Why don't we tear this out? Going to replace it with a fine Bosch dishwasher, but that, of course, that would include having the replace talk of other things that the kitchen to such as the lovely young stone cabinetry, which, when it was installed by my parents, it was turquoise. And still, I had it all redone 10 years ago when we bought the house now, now they're wait. I got a question for you in all these years. Have you added a floor to that kitchen? No as our kitchen is very vintage. In fact, a television station from Buffalo came down to actually video record our the appearance because it looks like you're strolling right back into 1952 a day way want to contest instead of remodeling the kitchen? Run the dollars that we received and we put it into replacing our boiler back in 1952. All right, Well, you just keep working on that dishwasher, but do it. From campus casing Ontario. I'd like to hear back from you send me anyway. Well, would you Well, I'll be glad to. Perhaps I'll take my Polaroid land camera. Take a photograph of my kitchen for you if I can find the dying thing, okay around here with somewhere Yeah, well, that's so nice to hear from you. A very nice thank you so much. We were Mayor. Si mi amigo. James, did you miss your messy both Cool, Are you Nothing. I'm character. Let's give girl would the email address so he can email you and anyone else listening wants to email you, Joe will give me your own personal email address. It's the first four letters of appliance followed by the.

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