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700 wlw Rachel Elliot. I guess I could say I was of that generation. That kind grew up with celebrity tattoo artist Kat von D. It's always kind of been around in my pop culture sphere, I guess. Thank the show. She was on very popular. She's on Miami before that, and now she's coming forward after Paris Hilton. In her documentary that came out a couple months ago. I want to say this is Paris, I think is the name of it. She disclosed that she was actually sent to a reform school. One of the reasons that she acts the way that she does is because she suffered some abuse at this particular school name that school's Provo Canyon School. It's in Utah. This week, Kat von D actually came out and acknowledge the fact that she was sent to the same school as Paris Hilton. She was 15 at the time, and I want to play a little bit of thie statement that she put out its a very lengthy statement. Think the entire videos over 25 minutes long and it's very much worth watching. I put it up on my block because Teo hear it first person to hear the account of what happened really? It's I guess it's shocking to think that these things still happened today. In this day and age that this is something that is Out there and that parents or AH, in cat Mandy's case, family therapist think is the right idea for kids. So you know what, Matt? Just go ahead and play the clip for me, please. Someone I'm pretty certain it was a therapist like a family therapist that recommended that they take me to this place and on DH commit me, Teo. To Provo Canyon. And obviously this was without my knowledge. And so 11 night I was sleeping in bed. And the door opens, and there's these 22 big dudes on Ah, pretty athletic built woman standing at the door, saying Telling me to calm down. And to get dressed and that we were going to be leaving and that if I didn't do what they say, then I would have to choose the hard way, which was getting handcuffed. And I had no idea what was going on at the time and I obviously was terrified and ended up Going with these people. They put me on a plane with them and then We landed in Utah, which had no I had never been to my entire life inside of me where I was, and then we got in a car. They they blindfolded me so that I couldn't see where We were going Then once we got there The They did a strip search which is completely degrading. I remember having to get naked in front of this person who? I don't know if they have credentials that I had no idea where they were, and basically they were just Just degrading me the whole entire time. And I When I was 15 years old. I was still a kid and.

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