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We do have rain all day today on and off tomorrow as well. It is now 10 02 The U. S. Is reporting a record 77,000. You coronavirus cases the sharpest one day jump so far here in Florida nearly 14,000 new cases the state y total, surpassing 315,000 with 156 people dead from Cove it 19 in a 24 hour span. Miami mayor of Francis War is meeting with business leaders talking about another potential locked down to prevent the ongoing spread of the virus. Another stay at home order for everyone, but essential workers would be difficult for the community out of work. People gotta feed their families, but we need found that with the making of hospital capacity, Miami Dade Legal Cities Vice President joke or Dino hopes there is some middle ground, he says. It would be impossible to keep the economy afloat without state and federal government, leadership and cash infusions. You're going to shut down. We need more help in Subsidising those businesses that just have to take the time out as the economy with it, the mayor of Pine Chris has no doubt we would bounce back quickly. Erick Rodriguez News radio, 6 10 W. Y O D. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi urging lawmakers have has a $3 trillion Corona virus aid bill instead of the 1.3 trillion supported by Republicans. GOP Senator John Kennedy spoke to Fox News tonight. The only thing I'm certain of it this juncture is that it will not be speaker Pelosi's bill she introduced what she calls The Heroes Act. I read it. It reads more like the Communist Manifesto expanded unemployment benefits funded by this previous stimulus bill run out later this month. A civil rights icon has died. The Reverend C. T. Vivian, also known as the Quiet Warrior, close friend of Martin Luther King Jr during the civil rights movement. Reverend C. T. Vivian died early this morning at the age of 95. Take a look right now. On Wall Street. The major indices are trading in positive territory down up 21 points in 7 26,055 NASDAQ is up nine points and the S and P s up. I saw almost a fraction of a point More news at 10 30. Brian Mud's next I'm Natalie Rodriguez and his radio 6 10 W Live from South Florida. Brian Mud Show starts right now. Radio 6 10 W. Y o D. Target. CVS and Walgreens are following in the footsteps of WalMart program coals and will soon require masks in all of their stores. The covert cases continue to rise across the country. All right, So Yeah, we had public's get on board. And a lot of people and wondered, I've heard actually from listeners who are kind of frustrated that Publix Wasn't enforcing a masked ball scene. As we know we've seen the frustrations of pointing at people who are mad as hell at the idea of mask and don't want to take it anymore in stores as well. And I think this is kind of where things are at this point. And I understand it. Independent of whatever sport specific issue we're talking about. Everybody, I think has a right to be frustrated. Everybody has something that has been compromised because of what we're going through. I think that's why it's more important that Just Take a step back. Consider fax..

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