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Senators for them that idea that's awesome and wait what is so what it ought to be plaza did she say anything about that i don't remember i i think it's on mark man's podcast yeah i mean people come out of the cold out of the woodwork going actually i talked to a friend i was that you see ucb one i don't know if i should say their name but i was at ucb one night and i've been having verdict bouts of vertigo and i was like have you ever had vertigo jerry get dizzy and my friend was like now i had vertigo ones but it turned out i had a stroke oh god be on on that had a stroke when she was twenty years old the 'cause if asia and uh and um some letsie temporarily paralyzed and expressive if asia i would object to i mean that's the thing is like i love i love to talk to you know without to talk to her about it i'm just incredibly intimidated whenever a meter i've known her her lines disputes she's very sweet she's very sweet but she's got that cold at stared at really intimidates me i can understand what was happening but i couldn't talk communicate the star explained like you could say something and i would know what you meant but i couldn't express it or even right at that was the weirdest part when it first asked me if i go right to i tried to write and it can to me when it first happened to me i was paralyzed by was so young a brain healed itself really fast i was lucky own that's what they said to me to like actually may of course low twenty but my.

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