Niger, Great City, C. J discussed on The Shawn Harvey Morning Show Podcast


Arousal very old CJ. News to the s to the double imply. The page new show. She got the page new shopping. She's the estimate. In. Indicate the Niger at the front page news. Page News C. J.. She got the fact. Show that she's not the WACK y'all. She got a front page news C. J.. She s to the double N. Y.. You can't deny the page new job from new job all the second city, so have we WANNA cinnabar. Hello! Good Morning. Love, you the debt. You've got thirty seconds. Good morning, drive. Back Ready God. God. God bless? God bless. God bless. Her. Much Week. One sweet cool. was some of that. You, can you? Cocoa. Come on. The mess with come. Come back, saying the mess with. A Co.. A Virus. Best with cocoa. Great City you get..

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