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Time for news from a neighborhood let's bring in Zach foster what's in the headlines locally Sir yeah we got this out at the Tahoe daily Tribune and the Tahoe regional planning agency Tahoe fund and Lake Tahoe visitors authority have purchased billboards in Folsom and hoping to cut down trash this next year during the summer home in Tahoe so they have all these different slogans one that's playing right now says no sled left behind asking people to you know pack in and pack out what you bring right usually when they buy billboards you'd think that they're gonna be you know promote skiing yeah right view the full pictures of the chairlift in the whole deal but this is kind of more like a a PSA yeah keep it clean I love it no no no don't Hey by the way your college years of hot pockets were they ever in the menu well no no no I can I can just hear me when I think hot pockets I think like maybe like six years old seven years old a little K. on a lot of people made the they put their way they got through college on hot pocket yeah so what we found is speaking of college at the college admissions scandal has now claimed the heir to the hot pockets fortune her name is Michelle John us then she is that air she paid a hundred thousand dollars to help her two daughters cheat on their as a tease she also paid another two hundred thousand dollars to have one of the girls set up to look like a beach volleyball recruit so she could get into U. S. C. and now she's spending five months behind bars you know I'm kind of surprised at how big this story became there are a lot of people involved in this you know and they keep kind of coming at like drip drip drip keeps coming on this one at a time right I mean parents will do anything for their kids San Francisco yeah right San Francisco Chronicle reporting this morning that John Lynch is the general manager says that Jimmy Garoppolo's our quarterback he's our guy now you know Jimmy grapple had a rough Superbowl on there been some people who say is he really the guy for the future John Lynch came out yesterday and said you Betty is use our guys are standing by their stand by their man or was it couldn't help but chaos in South Carolina last night's debate who came out on top struggle we got a live report from Jim Ryan that's coming up in three minutes.

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